paypal wont let me pay for my won item.

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  1. so here is the back story, i won the item two weeks ago i let the seller know i was waiting for my tax return which should have arrived in 4 days.

    it took an extra ten days for my tax return to arrive. poor seller was getting impatient and i dont blame him one bit. now it arrives to my and my partners joint bank account. but the debit card is only in her name, she already has a paypal with that card attached... now paypal wont accept payment from her account because the bank account info is not linked to her paypal account. we dont want to link it but now i cant pay for the auction....

    i am not sure want to do... 1-i dont know if this is a sign to just take the unpaid item dispute and live with it or 2- if i should still try to pay it some other way...

    i did learn my lesson though, never trust uncle sam or anyone to pay when they said they would...
  2. Why would you not just transfer money to YOUR account and pay your seller? Or contact the seller (who is right to be concerned) and see if they would accept a money order.

    Your bookkeeping and/or bank account problems are no reason to not pay your seller.
  3. this is my issue with a transfer is that that is going to take another 3-4 days, i dont think that is fair to keep the seller waiting for another week.

    i have offered to pay for his ebay final item fee, and paypal fees but i got no answer.

    i dont want to walk away, but i dont want the seller waiting around....

    i am the weakest link

  4. I would get contact the seller and get the transfer done. They have been witing this long. It is not fair to walk away. They could have given a second chance offer to someone else.
  5. you are correct...

    i dont know why paypal made things so difficult, in then i just did the "send payment" option because i had his email. i had to write in what item it was for... but i still dont understand why paypal makes it so hard to pay someone.
  6. paypal is a pita, but you CAN transfer money to your PP account. I would do it today. The seller may be very annoyed, but if it's only 3-5 more days, I would just get it done.
  7. I would just be honest with the seller. I had a few issues myself this week with sellers. One had to delay shipping due to the snow and another ran into a fiasco with a sweater that I won. They were both honest with me and kept me updated on what was going on. The items were both shipped way beyond the stated time frame but I didn't care. They were both emailing me. I received my items and they both got stellar feedback from me. Sometimes stuff happens and you just have to roll with it. Be honest and keep in touch with the seller. The situation may be annoying to the seller but at least they're not losing a sale.

  8. agree here and that seems to be the responsible thing to do..

    you wanted this item, you bid on it you won it.. the seller

    isn't responsible for any of your financial problems.. right??

    If you were selling something and you had a buyer win your auction,

    you would be expecting payment, if there was a problem you would

    want to work it out so that payment comes..
  9. as i stated earlier i have been honest with the seller from day one, and even asked the sellers permission to bid. the seller knew i was bidding while waiting for my tax refund. and the seller was ok with that. the problem was that the refund took longer than it need to have. there is no need to be rude.

    the seller has been very patient with me and i didnt want to make the seller wait any longer. i was trying to figure out if there was something i was missing to get the seller his money as soon as possible. i offered to pay for the sellers listing and final item value fees because to me that only seems fair but the seller never responded to my request to pay his fees. i didnt want to do a transfer to my account or to send a check in the mail as both would take an additional 3-5 days.

    i really wanted to the seller to get his money as soon as possible... in the end i ended just bypassing the whole ebay system which makes things 100X harder than they need to be and sending money via email on paypal.
  10. thank you, you are 100% correct. the seller has been very understanding... i really didnt know what to do, or why paypal was making it so difficult.

    but i used the SEND MONEY option which i dont know wny paypal is such a *(&)#$ i am waiting for an email from the seller to confirm he got the payment... dont want to have sent it to the right email.
  11. Just link it and unlink can make one payment and then remove the account from your paypal. It's really uncomplicated and solves the issue. I understand that long term this isn't ideal...but to quickly get it solved, this would be an excellent option.
  12. the bag was a fake, i should have walked away when i had the chance now i am in this mess. never again. i should have taken paypals hurdles as a hint to walk away, its better to have an UPI strike than to have a fake bag ANYDAY....
  13. Why didn´t you have it authenticated first???? Or did you?
  14. Poor OP has no recourse now.

    #1) It sounds to me like OP/buyer paid outside of ebay and/or

    #2) Paid outside the given time frame to be covered under buyer protection

    So sad!!
  15. you are not helpful. i did.