Paypal - why use it

  1. I am hoping for some advice. I have never used Paypal to buy or to sell and as such am a little unsure about this method. However I am thinking of making a certain purchase (not through ebay) and the buyer who has given me no reason to be suspicious would prefer to use paypal - it should be fine right? Thank you in advance and I apologise if this seems rather dense on my part!
  2. i use it and then only with my credit card because then i have 2 fool proof ways toget my money back if i get screwed over.

    ebay is going to make it the exclusive way to pay electronically through their site soon.
  3. No need to feel dense on your end. Sending money online can be a scary thing. Paypal is a very safe method to do that, though. They offer decent buyer/seller protection to cover your back, should your buy/sale go wrong.
  4. Thank you Vlad - you hear horror stories now and then so I just wanted some thoughts. I guess I'll set it up then.

    And thanks also organic, I'll be using my cc too!
  5. As a buyer you are protected. As a seller, you have to be very cautious. I've learned the hard way...
  6. I use and accept Paypal for my business and shopping on line! I have never, ever had a problem with Paypal. Stormpay is a scam and e-gold is too hard to use and the fees are expensive! As with any credit card transaction a small fee applies to the vendor for accepting the CC and that is just part of the cost of doing business. I've never been charged for making a payment...unlike Stormpay and e-gold.
    It's safe and secure, go ahead and use it.
  7. it's fast and easy and has decent customer service. you can withdraw easily, upload easily, and out of all the different alternatives I like it the most. HOWEVER, if you are transferring lots of money all the time, I suggest you get a real merchant account that can accept credit cards because paypal limits your account and requires all this info! there's also fraudulent chargebacks... which is why you always need a tracking number for packages. all in all, it's a pretty good service. of course you always hear paypal 'horror stories' but remember, it's always the bad things that are emphasized and not the good things!
  8. Paypal is a safe service and I have used it in my business & as a buyer for several years.
    You can always email the seller and ask them if they will accept payment by check. I have done this with many customers.
  9. Thank you all, it seems I had nothing much to worry about after all. Thanks again.