Paypal Web Site Problems? Anyone else?

  1. I've been trying to pay for an item this morning. I always ship to my office, which is a confirmed address and in my list of addresses. I paid for an item earlier this week and when I went to "change address" option, it went over to my office just fine.

    This MORNING, I'm having one headache after another with computers, websites, you name it. Paypal is no exception. I keep trying to change the address to my office, but it's not going through. The only change it will let me do is "no shipping address" and once I hit THAT, it won't even let me change back to my home address. I'm using IE and even tried on Netscape, also went to another computer in the office and the same thing happens.

    Anyone else having this particular site issue with Paypal, or am I just lucky?.....:confused1: