Paypal vs. Bidpay?

  1. I know Paypal is a huge pain and we're always looking for alternatives. Does anyone have experience using Bidpay as a seller? If so, how do you like using it?

    Any other options besides Bidpay that you would recommend?
  2. I have had 2 people try to pay me with BP and have been declined by BP. I had one sale with BP since I started accepting it when it came back out.
  3. I gave up on Paypal. They restricted my account because I made several LV sales in a very short period of time and to them it was suspicious activity. I tried to clear things up with them but they wanted too much personal and financial information to remove the restriction. With Bidpay I made three sales. The first two were great. My third sale was over $1000.00 and they declined the transaction because the buyer and myself had little history with them. At this point, I don't have any other options.