Paypal verification code for real?

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  1. Hi I have posted a longer message about this in the ' ebay safety tips' forum (p5) :Push:but think it may be the wrong place and I can't copy and paste so here's a truncated one.

    I am new to paypal and ebay but have bought a few purses over the last few months so have gone over their newbie spend limit. Paypal have said they have issued a unique 'verification code' for my credit cards I have used on paypal but I have to wait for my bank statements to contain the code. My bank thinks it's a scam and no of no codes and nothing has appeared on my statements 2 months later and I haven't been able to buy anything on ebay I'm watching. :girlsigh:I am in France.

    Does anyone know if this code stuff is legitimate and does anyone have any tips for dealing with it? I have called paypal and they said if I fax them my bank details they will issue it direct to me in 8 days. I am loathe to do this in case it's a scam.:shrugs:
  2. I know they sometimes do this when you are trying to add a credit card and you cannot use the card until you enter the code. They make a small charge (around $1), and then on your credit card statement in the description of that charge you have the code.
  3. they deposit a small amount of money under $1 and once you find out what that amount is you enter it in paypal
  4. yes it is costs $1.95 US...they ask this if you will send payments over $100....but no worries coz they will deduct $1.95 on your next payment via paypal

    you have to wait for 2-3 banking days before the verification code shows up in your bank can either check it by going online or calling ur bank for the info (thats what i did)
  5. It is real I had two CCs I registered. This was a while back and I just had small withdrawls I had to confirm - one of my small withdrawls was $0.13 and the other was $0.08. I just had to enter the amounts, but not the code and I was up and running. Now, with all the money I have spent through Paypal I wonder...why did I enter those small amounts? - LOL
  6. Yes it is legit. I opened a Premier account recently so i could accept CC payments without messing up my personal account. I added a CC so I could print out postage from Payapal and they charged that card about $1.80. Then to activate the card (or link it or whatever the term is) I had to enter a 4 digit code that was on my statement in front of the Paypal transaction (I just went online and looked at it rather than waiting a month to get the printed statement). When I did that Paypal said they would reimburse the $1.80. I haven't checked on that yet though.
    Hope that helps.

    If you are ever unsure about an email from paypal then forward it to their spoof address and if it is real they will let you know.
  7. yes I added a credit card recently and paypal deducted a pound. When the cc statement arrived it had a code next to the pound to enter on paypal to verify. They reimburse the money on your next paypal spend. Check your statement again, it might be there...
  8. Thanks everybody:flowers::tup::tup:
    You are totally fabulous and generous I appreciate all your feedback and it has been a great help.
    Today I was able to call my bank and explain to them what to look for and they were able to finally locate the code. They probably could have done it last month but were looking for the wrong thing :Push: so I am not that thrilled with them they had never heard of it and were sure it was a scam - I missed out on some great stuff:girlsigh: mega frustration.

    But now thanks to your help I am ready for action look out purses here I come!!! he he he! :graucho:
    Thanks again team ebay!! :flowers:
    PS To any Euro zone resident's looking for this code get your bank to look for a €1.50 debit that is probably 2-5 days after you were 'issued' the code online by paypal. If you have a bank manager or someone you don't need to believe the paypal threat 'don't ask your bank or we will cancel your account' as when I told my bank about that they were sure it was a scam.
  9. Glad you sorted it out, incidentally I got the thing about suspending me permanently if I asked my bank. scary stuff, maybe if we spend too much they will shoot us..:roflmfao:
  10. that's a good question and i'm glad you were able to figure it all out! happy bidding! :tup:
  11. Thanks MetMS + CSF
    PayPal are too much aren't they - it needs such an overhaul that system it is so non global it's crazy really dated and not at all 21st century. Hopefully something better will come along soon...:graucho:
    Best :flowers: