Paypal-Unregistered, but address confirmed & Seller Protected

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  1. I just sold an item on ebay and the buyer paid with paypal. I went to get the shipping info and it says that the buyers address is confirmed, and they are eligible for seller protection, but that they are unregistered. The buyer has 28 feedback, all positive.

    Can anybody explain to me what this means? Is it something I have to worry about?

  2. Unregistered or not verified?
  3. They may have made one of those one time credit card payments that they allow.
  4. It says unregistered. On the bottom where it has Payment From, Buyer ID, Buyer Email, and Payment Sent To, it has this "(The sender of this payment is Unregistered)" next to her name. And at the top, it says her address is confirmed. My other 3 buyers it all said Verified next to the persons name.
  5. Ok, Thank-you! You guys make me feel better. I was a little curious, and then got worried because she hasnt made a purchase in about 6 months. But, all of her previous feedback is great.
  6. Hey, bonybynatur2003

    I think I met the same problem and this is why I am here now. I did research on Google and your post popped out. I have at least 8 buyer who are unregistered and they are all 0 history buyer

    And the bad news is one of them just returned my item and one of them left me a negative feedback declaring I am selling a fake .(I can provide my original receipt , price tag and gift receipt, the buyer just ignored all of those because she sees "IDEAL" engraved on the brass. she thinks the brass should be blank and nothing should be to be engraved on a coach handbag's brass.

    I feel horrible and contacted eBay but eBay says they have no control on the feedback if it's buyer's opinion.

    So I guess it better not to sell anything to the new buyer who has 0 history.

    And also , I found out that those 0 history buyer normally opened their eBay account on the same date as they purchased the item.

    In addition, some other 0 history buyer opened his eBay account in 2008 but never bought anything until 2013.

    This is really a trick because a lot of bad buyers can actually go register new eBay accounts as many as they want and pay through their credit cards. So even if we set a buyer requirement, we still cannot avoid these bad buyers.

    I think I also need help ....anyone knows how to avoid these buyers on eBay?
  7. This means that the buyer paid as a paypal guest. You are still protected as long as you ship to the paypal address with delivery/signature confirmation. The amount of feedback the buyers have does not mean as much as what kind of feedback the buyer leaves for other sellers. All buyers have positive feedback since 2008.
  8. We all were newbies at one time and if everyone blocked us because we had 0 feedback, we wouldn't be here today. And that's precisely why ebay doesn't give sellers the ability to block 0-feedback members.

    As for old accounts without a history or brand new accounts, some buyers open an account to look for items. If they find it, they purchase; if they don't find what they want, the account stays open but doesn't show activity. Others find what they're looking for an open an account specifically for that purchase. IMO, there's nothing suspicious about that.

    And in my experience, newbies are among the best buyers.
    NARU members can do that too. :graucho:
  9. Thank you for answering ,dear miss.

    However one of newbies kept abusing me off eBay and sent me various emails everyday.
    She declares that having "IDEAL" engraved on the brass in a fake coach because she nber saw it. How can I prove its not a fake ? I mailed her a gift receipt and showed her a original receipt via email. She ignores them all and keeps saying the engraved "IDEAL" is impossible. Is there anyone who knows how to solve this problem?I can show you guys a picture of what I have. Sigh ..
  10. She returned the bag, correct? You tried to prove to her that the bag is authentic. Beyond that there is nothing else you can do.
    Ebay will not remove this feedback. Just respond to it in a professional manner.
  11. To be honest, I am also not comfortable when I see a 0 or low feedback buyer purchased my item. The problem is that Ebay does nothing to educate new buyers about the policies and how ebay works. Yes, they new member has to "read" and agree to the user agreement, but how many actually read it before they click in Agree? There are all kinds of tutorials available through Ebay's Customer Support tab, but these tutorials are not mandatory. So, educating the buyers becomes up to the sellers and unfortunately it comes after the damage is already done. I have to say that most of the issues I had as a seller were from low feedback buyers or buyers that had high feedback but bought 2-3 items per year.
    That said, I also have had many wonderful low feedback buyers over the years.
  12. I have no idea whether the bag you sold is authentic or not because zipper brand has absolutely nothing to do with authenticity. What I can say is that Coach has used several different zipper brands over the years and Ideal is one of the brands they use.

    If you want to refer the buyer to the "authenticate this Coach" sub-forum, she's welcome to post her concerns.
  13. No, she never returned it. she wants to keep it as a fake and also gets the money...
    eBay allows ppl to keep a fake purse and also gets the money from seller. This is what she is trying to do.
    So I do not know how to handle it...
    She said she would leave me a bad feedback if she didn't get money...
  14. I have told her about this and she never replied..."tears"
    I asked her to post the pic or i will do that because I still have these bags in-stock.
    Should I post the pictures, price tags, gift receipts and so on and send this link to her?

    I really appreciate for your time!Million thanks!