Paypal unauthorized transaction

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  1. I recently sold an item for around 900US and sent it off the next day, the day after that I got a letter from Paypal saying the transaction was unauthorised and the money was reversed from my account. I gave Paypal proof of shipping and they are looking into it. I emailed the buyer and they assured me that they did authorise the transaction, but I've heard it's possible for a genuine ebayer to steal someone else's paypal account or credit card and use that to pay for something. Is there any way of getting my item back? Even if Paypal finds in my favour, I don't want this scammer to profit with free goods using someone else's credit card details. Also can the ebayer file for item not received or place negative feedback if I try to expose them as a scammer and/or get police involved? Thanks for your advice.
  2. In the US we have the ability to try to recall a package. Doesn't always work.
  3. Trying to put this together, you sold an item, the buyer paid thru Paypal, then you sent the item off, after getting the payment in your Paypal account, then you recieved an email from Paypal, saying this was an unauthorized payment from the buyer and Paypal took the money back out of your account?
    Is that right?
  4. Did you send it to the address on her Paypal account? If so- wouldn't the Seller protection kick in here?
  5. I'm a bit confused...
  6. Is the listng still available? What usually happens is that the listing is pulled. Have you been in touch with the buyer? I have had several successful transactions where the listing was pulled for one reason or the other. I wouldn't panic unless you get an email from the buyer saying they didn't buy anything.
    Did you send the item on the "transaction details" page? Has the buyer contacted you at all:?
  7. OMG....I am having Dejavu here....I pray you got signature confirmation, and followed the assorted payfoe requirements to be seller protected.

    I have my fingers crossed for you that everything works out.
  8. Yes that's right.
  9. Yes I did. But if she is a scammer, I hate the thought of her walking off with my goods for free...
  10. The listing hasn't been pulled, but I guess Paypal has some information they're not able to share with me. I have tried emailing the buyer at her Paypal listed email but no response.
  11. I recently had this happen, luckily I had not shipped the item yet. Paypal investigated for about a week and then reversed the funds back to me, then I shipped to the buyer. I do think seller protection will kick in if you have shipped the item and can provide tracking to paypal.
  12. oooh I hope they give you back the money