Paypal transacation on hold??

  1. I sold a bag on eBay, and I was waiting 2 days for the buyer to pay after I sent a request for payment thru Paypal. This morning I recieved an email saying that the buyer has completed the payment. Now I just received another email saying it's been put on hold and that Paypal has to review the case. But I'm not even sure what has happened? Does that mean the buyer didn't have sufficient funds? Has this happened to anyone? If so, can you share your story? This is my first time selling (I'm usually buying), so I don't know what this is all about. I thought the transaction was completed and was ready to ship out the bag, but I was advised not to ship it till this is resolved.

    Sorry, the subject should've read transaction.
  2. I think they mean they are trying to verify the payment was not done with fraudulent funds.
  3. I just called Paypal and the lady said he has to resolve some issues with his account first before he can make any more transactions. She didn't elaborate, but it's not something on my end. I emailed the buyer asking whether he was aware of the situation. I just hope I get paid. My other bag that I sold went through very smoothly. I got paid, and I sent it out right away. No problems at all. This one I don't know. I'm crossing my fingers it gets resolved.
  4. This happened to a friend of mine who bought a Coach bag on eBay. She wasn't verified with Paypal yet and went she went to pay for the bag, she had already reached her spending limit (before she got verified). However, Paypal reversed her payment to the seller. I wonder if they are putting payments on hold instead of reversing payments before buyers get verified?