paypal stating unclaimed?

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  1. i sent payment to a seller. the payment is reading as unclaimed for some reason, and the seller is saying it hasn't gotten to them/they don't know what that means. the money is coming from a bank account, so it should take no time to clear.

    what does this mean?

    paypal still gives me the option to cancel payment, so should i do this and resend it?

    i'm not even sure what i'm asking...

  2. I am sure your seller will claim the payment. My paypal account is set up the same way. When I receive payments from either international or unconfirmed addresses I am notified by paypal and have the option to claim or refuse payment.
    Don't worry yet!
  3. This happens when an e-check is sent. The seller has to go to her account and 'claim' your payment because she has to accept that the payment isn't immediate. It'll take 3-4 days for your payment to clear your bank.
  4. It should show on seller's account that he's got a pending payment which he can accept or deny. If he doesn't see that, then maybe you'd sent payment to the wrong email! If so, cancel it.
  5. I'm dealing with the same thing. I won an item on April 3 and I never heard from the seller, even after multiple emails to her. I finally canceled my payment today because it's obvious that she isn't going to send me the item and/or she doesn't know how eBay works (she was new to eBay with no feedback). I really wanted the item but I was tired of my $45 floating around in paypal. I'll have to look for the item elsewhere. I couldn't open a PP claim because she didn't withdraw the money. I have no idea what happened to her. Oh well!
  6. okay...the seller is like, okay...when the money is there, we will accept. but the money's begin-to-clear time won't begin UNTIL they accept, correct?

    since it is international, is that why it's sending it as an e-check?

    also, if i cancel the payment, will it go back to my bank account as if it never happened, or will it go into my paypal account for me to just resend? i just don't want to cause trouble with my bank account or have anything fishy not adding up.
  7. Are they a new seller?

    Paypal did this to me the first time I sold something. I had to convert my account to a some type of merchant account (I forget what Paypal calls it) and accept their fees before it would let me accept the payment.

    When you try to hit accept next to the payment it tries to send you to another page to convert your account. It took me a while in the help section to realize this is the only way they would allow me to accept the funds.
  8. They have to agree to take credit cards when they receive the first CC payment.

    Second, make the payment went to her correct pp email address. She may have made a mistake in her listing or may have changed her e-mail address. If she changed her e-mail address she has to add it to her PP account.
  9. International payments may be different. Did you pay in in her County's money?
  10. It may also be because she requires a confirmed address.
  11. Not necessarily an e-check, it happens when any payment is made in foreign currency and has to be converted.
    If it's directly from your bank it would be as immediate as a credit card. If you paid by e-check, she would have to claim it first and then it would take 7-10 days to clear.
    The seller has to claim the funds and convert to his/her dometic currency.
    If you have the transaction ID, send her the number and have her look it up on her paypal Overview. If she's new to eBay, chances are she's not seing the payment on her list and the little button that says "ACCEPT"
  12. although i have the e-check option, i didn't pay via e-check. i paid out of my account. it is foreign, and i believe that is why i'm having problems, as i purchased something else yesterday (u.s. seller) and the money is already gone. i do have a confirmed paypal address...
  13. ^^ hmm... even if it's an international transaction, there shouldn't be any problem, esp if you paid out of your bank account (vs if you paid by credit card and her Paypal account is not yet set up to accept cc).

    If it's the seller's first paypal transaction, then yes she has to click "accept" to get the money. BUT if the seller is NOT even seeing your payment to her, then something is wrong. Are you sure you'd sent to the right address?

    Why don't you cancel your payment. Then get the seller to send you an invoice/money request from her Paypal account, then everything should work out fine from there.

    good luck!
  14. Wouldn't it be more secure to fund the transaction through a credit card instead of directly from the bank account? I thought there would be an extra layer of protection if you funded through a CC as opposed to directly taking money from a bank account.

    Is the only difference that bank account funds are instant whereas credit cards may take a couple of days?

    Usually when I receive payment, I don't need to accept/decline. I think it's all there...? But I think it depends on what account you or the seller has?
  15. thanks everyone.

    IF i cancel the payment, will it void as if nothing ever happened, will it go BACK into my bank account, or will it be credited to my paypal account?

    sorry for so many questions, it's just i've never dealt with this before.