paypal sellers w/ fake auth statements

  1. hey girls, i'm sorry to be ranting about this, but i was wondering if anyone has filed a claim with paypal and then issue their 3rd party statement, their letter from ebay, and then to have the seller issue another letter stating the authenticity of the item! where did she get a bogus letter saying it was real, and how am i suppossed to tell paypal she's lying??? does anyone know what i'm suppossed to do now, being that i've already sent my paperwork??? i'm about to cry because it's so much money and paypal practically assured me i would get my money back, but now i see the evil seller has listed a fake auth statement with paypal! how is that possible? how does paypal accept a fake auth statemetn about a chanel of all things!!! sorry to be ranting, but i could use some help....does anyone know what to do, (besides trying to calm down)
  2. That's terrible. I'm so sorry Grace! The problem is that NO 3rd parties are authorized to authenticate at all, not even my poupette. So I guess it's possible for a seller to send a letter saying it is authentic because no one is authorizing authentications, yet Paypal accepts these unauthorized authentications. These authentications performed by 3rd parties, like my poupette, have been wrong before. Sometimes they have authenticated fakes to be authentic. So your seller may have found another 3rd party that authenticates their item to be authentic...

    The best is to always pay with a credit card because you are protected by your credit card against fraud way better than Paypal. If you paid with a CC, call your CC company now and tell them you need to file a chargeback for a fraudulent transaction. They will work much faster to get your money back than Paypal. Good luck!!!