paypal security key for ebay purchases?

  1. Should I get a paypal security key? I only use paypal for my eBay purchases. for those of you with the security key, do you think it's worth it? and does it truly provide an added sense of security?
  2. I have one & I do feel that it makes me feel better knowing that this is an extra step needed for acct access!
  3. I have one and I do feel more secure. If you mess up the number at all you cannot log in, so I do feel that it is worthwhile.
  4. I have one as well, and I also like the added security. You honestly just can'tbe too careful in this day and age. People are getting better and better at phishing and hacking into accounts.
  5. I have one and I think it's a great idea. With people getting there accounts hijacked, you can't be too careful!
  6. Can someone explain what it is? I have not been offered one.
  7. I've never heard of this. So everyone thinks it's a good idea?
  8. I wonder if they have these for Canada... do they actually send you a key in the mail?
  9. Do not get the paypal security key. If someone hacks into your paypal account, and you don't have a security key, you can get your money back, etc.
    If you have a security key, and someone does end up hacking into your account (harder, but not impossible), paypal is not liable. Paypal can claim that their system is no way hackable and you took the money out yourself. The security key is really to protect paypal themselves.
  10. ^^ Now I'm really confused.

    Also, they say not to keep it at your computer. Where else would I keep it? I'm not going to put it on my keychain and carry it around with me.

    One more thing... I went to my Paypal account and logged in to try and find the information about the security key. It's not that easy to find. You have to click on a few links to find out Paypal offers a key. Why isn't Paypal pushing this and making it more obvious that it's available?
  11. ^^ It's a security key that's normally $100 in stores so paypal doesn't earn money from this. Only business accounts get the security key for free. Others get charged $5. They are pushing it for the business accounts I guess, which they benefit more from having an added layer of security.
  12. ^^ That makes sense. If they wanted everyone to have one, or felt everyone needed one, they would have a big advertisement for it when we first log in.