Paypal screwed me out of over $100 - must read

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  1. OK - so here's the story - this is good for others to know - bad for me.

    I bought a bag from someone. The purchase was not done through ebay so the seller sent me an invoice. I paid the invoice for $300 (we'll call this payment A)
    Then the seller refunds my money because paypal charged her a big fee to recieve the money.

    So then I said "Well, I'll try sending it another way through paypal - we'll experiment and see if it charges you again." So I sent $300 (payment B).
    Again it charges her a big fee - (I don't think it was so much that she didn't want the fee as she didn't want paypal getting more money KWIM)

    Then we realized we both have the same bank. So I just did a transfer to her. This is payment C -- pyment C takes $300 out of my bank account - so now I have under $100 left in my account.

    This was like a week ago.
    Yesterday I get emails from paypal about NSF:wtf:

    So I check my bank statements - and here is what happened.

    Payment A - paypal tries to take that out of my account. Well there's not $300 left in there because of payment C.
    --- So it comes up as NSF -- the bank charges me $42.50 for NSF

    Then paypal lists the refund.

    Payment B - same thing happens as with A - takes out $42.50

    then it tries AGAIN - not realizing that there's been a refund.
    Takes out another $42.50

    Finally it 'registers' -- but by now my bank has charged me $127.50 !!!


    I called Paypal to complain and they just basicly told me how it works - ya, I understand -- but you'd think that a company as big as Paypal would have a computer system where the refund would send a message to the payment and CANCEL it - and then it wouldn't try and take the money out.


    Basicly they told me - sucks to be you.

    On Monday I will call my bank and beg them to take the charges off -- we owe them enough money in mortgage etc. that they should forgive $127.50 ;)
  2. I'd be unlinking that bank account, too....
  3. Why? You think they'll try again?
    - the reason I had it hooked up to that instead of a CC is so that I couldn't over spend - cuz if I don't have the money they can't take it out..... I thought.

    (kinda makes me mad too though because I have a CC and other accounts on there - why didn't the bank just take it from there?)
  4. paypal always do that, I say always pay with CC now, In the past I did the bank transfer thing and once I had a case where i bought some boots and the seller mails me and says they have been damaged since I paid so refunds my payment, but when I look in my paypal account it takes 2-3 days for the original payment from me to her to be completed, then once that is completed the money can be refunded to me, so refunds aren't instant if you do bank transfer as it has to be completed before it can be returned if that makes sense.
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    That is really messed up! I really hope your bank will do right by you because that is just unnecessary to charge you like that. It does blow that paypal takes so long to give you your money after a refund has been issued. I have waited weeks before my money was released to me. I really don't like paypal ,but in many situations we are forced to use it.
  6. Unfortunately I think you're just going to be out the money. refunds are separate transactions than the original sale. the same goes for retail transactions. Once that transaction with the bank started, you can't cancel it. Maybe if you call the bank and speak to someone and explain you didn't know that it would bounce your account, they might remove the fees for you.
  7. I know with most bank accounts it sometimes takes a few days for transactions to go through. It sucks that they are charging you like this. I guess next time make sure you have the funds to cover it.
  8. That sucks, sorry to hear that. I hope you bank will refund you the fees. Good luck!
  9. I talked to my bank and they refunded me half of the total - which is cool because they certainly didn't need to refund any =)
  10. Oh, good! I'm glad that you at least got half of your money back.
  11. Half is better than none. :yes:
  12. Well at least you recovered something.. half is better than nothing.. but still???