Paypal Scam, Be Careful!

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  1. Today I received an email notification from Paypal that I had an invoice pending my payment from "USA County Raffle" at the email address of for $600. I assumed it was a phishing email, because it had a link, etc. So of course I deleted it and then logged into my Paypal account the normal way just to see if there really was an invoice. To my surprise, there was.

    A company named "InfoTechnics" sent me an invoice that read:

    USA County Raffle Inc
    Dave Lewis

    Invoice number0011
    Invoice date10/10/2012
    Payment terms Due on receipt
    Due date10/10/2012

    Universal Flat Rate Shipping $325.00
    Insurance & Handling $275.00
    Total $600.00 USD

    Note to recipient
    "Note: Cash is refundable if shipping delays, check end up"

    Naturally I canceled the invoice with the message "Go to Hell." ;)

    I checked the moneyhubby website and it seems to be a big fake. Also, notice the invoice is for shipping, insurance and handling only and no merchandise! Now, most people aren't just going to pay a $600 invoice, but if it was for a smaller amount, someone might not notice.

    I called Paypal and told them this person was sending out scam invoices. They said they would put them on their watch list, but also it was just a possibility they sent it to the wrong email address. :rolleyes: Just a head's up.
  2. Thanks for posting...I usually forward those e-mails to spoof@paypal
  3. scary! Thanks so much for the heads up! Glad you were smart enough to look into this further!