Paypal refund - what to do?

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  1. I think the OP seller is not from the same country.
  2. #17 Feb 13, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    Where can I get the sellers return address from?

    What I'm worried about is if I send back the bag and then Paypal reverse the refund? So I'm out the bag and the $$....I don't trust the seller would refund me if this did happen....

    You may be able to find the seller's address on the ebay transaction or the Paypal transaction pages. What is it that you would like to do? The seller may be amenable to a partial refund rather than a return.

    In any case, because you have both the bag and the money, I would make a few more attempts to contact the seller for resolution. (I can't believe Paypal is implying it is o.k. to keep both.)
  3. :yes: I'm in the UK and the seller is in the US.

    I've tried to have a look for the sellers address on both eBay and Paypal, but no luck (doesn't mean it's not there somewhere but I'm not very good with either so if anyone has any ideas!!).

    To be honest I would be happy to keep the bag and partially refund the seller (even up to say 95%...I just wanted them to acknowledge that it wasn't in a brand new condition, KWIM?). If it came to sending it back then I would be a little disappointed. I'm happy to work with the seller though and see what they would prefer also.

    My main concern is how unresponsive this seller is!! I don't want this dragging on for weeks and weeks waiting for them to confirm what they want me to do, where to send it, if they've received it etc, etc.

    I know what you mean about Paypal, and at first I wasn't sure if that was what they were actually implying. But I said to the first rep (who was foreign) "...but then I'd have the bag, and the money" and all she kept repeating was " It is completely at your discretion whether or not you send the bag back". I think my disbelief at this prompted her to transfer me to someone in the UK. At first, he told me to appeal the claim and change it to a SNAD etc, so talked me through the whole process for that (email Paypal so that they could manually change it and so on) and then when he asked if there was anything more he could help me with, I just asked "so what happens with the funds now, because they've been transferred back to my card" and he said that that changes everything, and that I don't need to go through the whole appeal thing and that I now need to just work it out with the seller and not via PP. He said something along the lines of "perhaps the seller can just send you a few pounds and then you can send it back to them or something" - sort of implying that I should really return the bag to the seller, but they're not interested in what happens.
  4. If you click on the "details" on the Paypal transaction, the screen that pops up provides additional information about the seller. Sometimes it includes the seller's address. Sometimes it does not. Hopefully you will hear from the seller soon. I expect she would be happy to get a partial payment of 95% (or so) for the bag.
  5. Just had a check where you said, no address. So guess I'll just have to wait for the seller now, *sigh*....just want to get it sorted asap :sad:
  6. Argh I'm so confused!! The seller has made contact. I received the following message:

    that bag is brand new never used with the tags on it whatever is on the bag is how it came i never used the bag once the interior was black and gold the exterior is yellow you can tell by looking at my pictures on ebay the interior is black with gold flecks

    Absolutely no mention of the refund, or where to send it back (if at all) or anything!!!
  7. The seller obviously hasn't checked her paypal account yet. Maybe you should tell her you have the money AND want to return the bag.
  8. I already sent her a similar message on eBay - not saying I wanted to return the bag but just asking what she wanted to do about the situation (i.e. me having both the money and the bag).
  9. She is likely to want you to pay her again. What do YOU really want to do? Keep it, return it, or get a partial?
  10. I know it's silly but at this point, with the unresponsiveness of the seller, I don't mind too much what happens - I just want to get it sorted, I feel like a thief! :sad:

    Should this drag out longer than I was hoping, could I just straight refund the refund? Or would the seller have to initiate it, and send me a request for the money?
  11. Determine a reasonable value you'd be willing to pay, take pictures of the marks and send it to the seller saying you'd be willing to pay X amount to keep the bag otherwise you'll send it back and to please give you a return address. More than likely she'll accept a reasonable offer.

    People are very busy and ebay is often a 'side thing' for a lot of people, so her slow response might not be intentional.
  12. What a mess. Surely the seller has been notified by email from paypal that you've been given a refund? That should tell her that some action was needed on her part, if just to give you a return address for the bag? So weird.

    keep us posted?
  13. Time is relative. How long is it taking the buyer to respond to you? It has only been 4 days since this thread was opened. Some sellers do not "work" on weekends, and we just had a 3-day "weekend" here in the US (for those who are lucky enough not to work President's Day). I buy and sell on *bay, too, but I am not in a position where I have constant access to a computer so I can not always promptly respond to my messages. This could be the case with you seller.

    If you choose, you can send money directly to the seller via p*ypal. The seller's registered p*ypal e-mail should be available halfway down the transaction details page. There is plenty of information on p*ypal about how to send money.