Paypal refund - what to do?

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  1. I thought I'd start a new thread for this in the hope of getting some advice :smile:

    So, I filed an INR claim for a bag from the US. The seller was pretty unresponsive and gave me a tracking number that didn't show anything online.

    Luckily, I did receive the bag - however, it was listed as 'Brand New' but had loads of tiny marks on it. I emailed the seller to see what she had to say, but didn't close the INR Paypal case as I understood if I did I wouldn't be able to file a SNAD should it come to that, and instead just needed to change the reason for my claim.

    So, fast forward to today, and the seller has not replied about the condition of the bag. However, Paypal have emailed me to say they are closing the case, in my favour, and the money has been refunded to me!! Eeek! So I have the bag (although not in the condition I expected) and the money!! What do I do now?? I'm pretty useless when it comes to Paypal, so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. IIWY, I'd ship it back to the address the seller sent it from just so that I wouldn't have both the item and the $$.
  3. I wonder why paypal didn't verify the tracking with the seller?

    ITA with Bunny! And also get your $ out of PP too...
  4. Where can I get the sellers return address from?

    What I'm worried about is if I send back the bag and then Paypal reverse the refund? So I'm out the bag and the $$....I don't trust the seller would refund me if this did happen....
  5. ^^^I would call paypal and see what they suggest. I would not just send it back with no documentation from them.
  6. If she calls paypal they could take the money back and close the case, right? Or can they change the status to SNAD now?
  7. Could I just pay again and then file an SNAD for that payment? Or does it not work like that?
  8. I don't think it would. Do you have the return address from the package or the order details page?
  9. I'm pretty sure I threw the packaging out - stupid of me really!
  10. Don't do anything yet, I would contact paypal and see what they say first.
  11. I remember this, the tracking given from the seller never showed anything, right?
    One thing, never throw away any package until you're sure you're happy with an item.

    Right, don't do anything until you know what Paypal said after you called.
  12. I know, I feel stupid now.
  13. So I've just come off the phone with Paypal. I got transferred between a couple of people, - the first one said that it is completely at my discretion whether or not I send the item back (that doesn't seem fair?!!) and the second one said that it's now between the seller and myself so to sort it out with them and again, I can basically do what I longer a Paypal issue.

    I've still had no response from the seller, but I feel terrible having both the bag and the refund - but with no return address what can I do???
  14. I would...
    request userinfo from ebay
    zabasearch name and state/town to find public address available
    email seller indicating you are sending item back and want to confirm they live xx at yy
    send deliv. conf w/ sig
  15. In my opinion, wait for the seller to e-mail you back. I know you feel bad about having both bag and the refund, but what else would you do?