Paypal refund question, please help..

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  1. Hi ladies...

    I just have a question regarding receiving a paypal refund.

    If I used a CC to fund the payment originally and now I am receiving a refund..will my refund go directly into my paypal account??? and just become paypal funds??

    or immediately go back to my CC that I originally used..?? which I'd prefer..

    does anyone know?:s

    The reason I'm asking is because the amount is over $1000...
    I just don't want paypal to pull some sorta crap like holding my money hostage....and possibly limiting my account..:sad:
    I read all kinds of stories about paypal...I'm so worried.

    They seem to limit accounts which hold more than 1k...:cursing:

    and never again will I ever add a bank account to I wouldn't know how to get my money out.:shrugs:

    Anyone know? help greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi funds will go to your CC if thats how you paid
  3. Thanks Saich!
  4. Hi, I have a similar question regarding paypal refund. Will there be any reason why a seller prefer to send a payment instead of issuing a refund? The reason I ask is I have purchased an item, it did not reach me. I contacted the seller and asked for a refund. Instead of issuing me a refund so that the amount is credited into my cc, the seller sent me a payment for the refund. I have yet to accept the payment. Any insights about this will be gladly appreciated. Thanks. :yes:
  5. They may have made a mistake or maybe it has something to do with fees. If it is not such a huge problem for you, I would accept the payment because you never know what the seller might do if you refuse it. Best to take the deal now I think...
  6. When a seller receives your payment, the paypal site has a link on the bottom of the page that says "refund money". By clicking, the link, the seller in essence just reverses your transaction and the money is credit right back to your CC. No harm no foul. It takes a couple of days for the credit to show up on your card but that is how it works. Now, if you file a dispute with the seller and/or call the CC company, often I have seen this may disengage the refund link and the seller can only refund by sending you payment directly. I have seen it where sellers don't even see the refund button and issue a direct payment simply b/c they dont know any better. However, the ONLY way to get it to directly back on your CC is for the seller to click "refund"
  7. credit card.

    ps. good move; always use a credit card w/paypal!