PayPal refund: Pending...for how long?

  1. So as you can see in my other thread The saggy Stella story continues: Now seller being difficult I returned a bag to the seller (this was an eBay auction and I payed via PayPal), and she offered me a full refund.

    Yay! :wlae:

    The refund is "pending". I looked in the FAQ section of PayPal, and the explanation of "pending" is that the seller didn't have enough funds in their PayPal account, and the funds are being transferred from their bank account.

    Fair enough. But how long will this take to go through? And is there any reason to be worried that it won't go through?

    I'm just paranoid, I guess. The seller's message this morning was very brief, just "I'm giving you a full refund!" and that's about it.

    Any suggestions/advice/words of wisdom?

  2. It happened to me awhile back. I forget the reason why it was pending, but it was pending for, if I remember correctly, 5-7 days. I want to tell you not to worry but I'm one of those people who would be worrying! =P You should get your money soon.
  3. Yes you should get your money soon. Most sellers do not keep funds in their paypal accounts so when they issue a refund it can take several days as money from their bank accounts need to be transferred back. If she issued the refund today you should have it by Friday.
    Sellers can also cancel this transaction, but you will probably be just fine.
  4. If it's showing as pending, as the others said, it should be fine. However, if it doesn't clear by the end of the week, you might want to contact Paypal.
  5. ^^ditto. She likely took the funds out right away. Now paypal has to wait for the funds from her bank. It should just take a few days.
  6. Just had this happen and it took a good 5 days for payment once it was pending...I completely understand your being nervous about it...I know I was but it all worked out. When paypal says pending they mean the process has begun to transfer funds. If seller did not have the funds ready and in process then paypal would not say it was pending.
  7. Ah! Thanks, guys! I'm a nervous little girl when it comes to stuff like this...esp. after the seller got all weird on me.

    I'll keep an eye on it, and if it hasn't gone through by Friday, should I contact PayPal?
  8. it's just like when you return something to the store -- it takes a few days for the credit to appear on your credit card statement. They can take money out lickety split but putting it back takes longer.. It should take about 3-4 business days.
  9. i think you will be ok just taking time to get the money from her bank to paypal account. Good luck!
  10. I had a refund pending for 6 working days before it cleared :sweatdrop:
  11. Ok I just went through a pending refund...

    The seller issued me a full refund BUT I only got back a partial refund because the seller didnt have the funds in their bank account :cursing: It took aprox. 7 business days to receive that "refund denied" email... grrr
  12. I just went through a dispute process in PayPal. My refund took three full days to clear after showing as pending. I called PayPal after the second day, because I was already very leery about the seller as it was. I was told by the PayPal rep that it might take as much as six or seven days to clear, given the weekend.

    It's aggravating, I know. Hope your refund clears soon!
  13. So the seller just emailed me and said:

    So hopefully, all is well! I responded and said that yes, I had seen the refund, and then I thanked her and told her I'd notify her as soon as the funds went through.

    This is all sounding so good...I hope it continues to go this way!!! *crossing fingers* I'm hoping to get the refund by Friday/Saturday. I have a new purchase pending. :happydance:
  14. Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it, it takes a week or so like the others said.
  15. UPDATE!! The refund went through. :happydance: