paypal refund money goes to where? help!

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  1. hi! currently i have a transaction on ebay.
    and i've paid to the seller to her paypal account, the bag came beautiful adn i have no complain at all.

    and suddenly the seller said that her paypal acc has been suspended and she can't withdraw the money. so she reefund the payment to me so i can send it to another paypal acc.

    i have the email from paypal and it showed in my transaction of the refund amount.

    but my CC said that they haven't got any fund back from paypal, and i can't send her the money...
    where does a refund goes?

    anybody with refund paypal experience can help me?

    thank u all so much
  2. Hi the money should be in your paypal account. I don't think it will be credited back to your credit card unless you request paypal to do so. You should be able to transfer the money straight from your paypal account to the new account she has given you. If your paypal account is not set up to recieve payments you may have to upgrade your account. Look at your paypal account and see if there is an option to upgrade on it.

    But also...why is her paypal account frozen? I have been using paypal for 7 years and have never had my account frozen. It seems to me it would only be frozen if she was shut down due to a problem of some sort. Are you sure your handbag is authentic? I would be sure of that before I sent her the money again.

    Hope this info helps, let us know how it goes.
  3. It does not always go on automatically.

    Has it just been added to your balance in your account rather than back onto your card?

    If her account has been suspended like she says she would not be able to touch her money at all.

    I would phone paypal asap!
  4. be careful, this maybe a scam..that refund that she is claiming to give you- is not there and it may never be there- and you re-send more funds- you will have paid twice...
  5. If you paid with credit card, and she used the refund link, it should go back to your credit card. It does take a few days to show up on your credit card though. If you go in and look at your transaction history, it should show if it is being credited back to your card.
  6. Did you check your paypal account to see if you actually have a refund from that person noted in your account? If the refund is going back to your credit card then it would takes a few days for it to reflect in your account.
  7. yeah on my paypal acc it's stated there's a refund transaction from her.
    i paid with my credit card which linked to my paypal account.

    i tried to email paypal but haven't got any respond.

    i feel bad for the seller because the bag's here and her money's stuck somewhere too
  8. On the transaction page on paypal next to the refund does it say completed or pending. I had to wait 5 days for a refund to go through last week- it said pending until it was completed!
  9. it said completed and i can't call because i'm overseas and it would be expensive to call.

    i guess i'll wait for a day or two :sad:
  10. I was refunded for a purchase a couple of weeks ago through paypal. Some of the original payment was from my paypal balance and some from my credit card. The refund came through to my account and the portion from my credit card was sent back to my credit card. the process took 10 days to complete.

    Though if the status of yours is completed, in your account it doesn't sound like that is going to happen to you.
  11. ok thanks for the info girls....

    u are great :smile:
  12. Is it still possible to refund money when someones Paypal account is suspended? as you cant always access your account when eBay suspends someone.
  13. Payments originally funded by credit card -when refunded -go back to the credit card. It takes a few days to complete. Funny if it was funded from your bank account it would show up as a paypal balance (does not go right back to bank account). Anyway, your credit card company would have this under their pending transactions. Give them a call ask what transactions are showing up as pending. Don't resend the payment until everything is squared away, its not your fault that your seller has had an issue with Paypal for whatever reason.
  14. thanks... i emailed her about the condition too.
    she asked me whether i could send payment through my other CC and i said that i can't because to avoid hackers, i've been using my low limit CC for paypal transaction and always put cash on my CC acc in amount i want to send the payment with.
    and i have her understanding that i can't send her any money until it's cleared and the only thing i might do in short term is to refund again the refund from her.
    i also told her that i need time to call my CC company in business day as now is weekend.

    she totally understand and will wait until it's cleared.

    thanks again girls :smile:
    i hope it can sorted out soon :yes:
  15. just wanna get things clarified to some people on here...i am the seller and am totally legitimate. i am not trying to scam anyone's money, just had some issues with paypal due to having too many transactions, believe it or not. my account was fairly new and i had been selling a lot of stuff on there, ALL REAL. paypal and ebay were being careful so they put my account on hold and wanted me to send info like receipts, proof of shipping, supplier's contact info, and some personal info, etc. i complied the first time and got the limitation taken off my account in a week or so. Then 2 weeks later, after i did a few more transactions, they put a hold on my account again requesting me to send the same documents. AGAIN, I complied even tho I was completely annoyed and fed up with doing my surprise, paypal writes me back and wants to suspend my account! I don't even know what I did wrong, and now I know that ebay and paypal are not always right when they suspend someone. I know for a fact that I am not scamming anybody, all my transactions were legitimate and all my buyers were happy, no complaints at all. I even give out my phone number in case they have questions and I respond to my emails usually the same day. Paypal closed my account so I couldnt touch the money in the account till 180 days later! I didn't want to have my money tied up so i refunded seahorseinstripes and asked her to send the money to my brother in laws paypal account cuz he has a business and does a lot of transactions there. my bag is shipped and i have no money now, luckily seahorseinstripes is someone i can trust so i refunded her the money even though my bag is shipped. i believe i can trust her and do business in a satisfactory manner. this is a complicated situation, but i swear i have no ill intentions, i don't like to be portrayed like i am deceiving people...