PayPal Refund - How long??? Arrg!

  1. For the first time in eight years of ebaying I had to file a SNAD claim, specifically on a bag I won. The seller had touted the bag as "first quality" and perfect, yet when received there was an area on one side that had several obvious spots that looked almost greyish-silver and they were raised, as though something came into contact with the bag. Eventually, my hubby and I figured out by taking it outside into bright sunlight to look at it that someone had tried to cover up scratched spots on the bag with liquid leather polish (swear, it looked like white out!).

    Long story short, I couldn't get anywhere with the seller (a newbie with less than 10 feedbacks at the time and only a month on eBay) so I filed a claim via PayPal. After weeks, PayPal directed me to return the bag and that a refund would be issued once delivery was confirmed. I mailed the bag insured with signature confirmation. It was received and signed for yesterday.

    For those that have been through this process, how long after receipt by the seller did you receive your refund? I'm absolutely paranoid that the seller is going to try to pull some monkey business and claim the bag was not returned in original condition. I never carried the bag, never took the tags off, and I did take tons of additional pics as I was packing it up for return, and it appears that the seller had finally offered to make the refund before PayPal contacted me to return it, but I'm still paranoid. :confused1:

    Any experiences or words of wisdom?

  2. This happened to me once, but not with a bag. As I remember it, I received the refund within a period of days, but it was a while ago. . . .I am sure others will chime in with their experiences too. Fingers crossed for you.
  3. Thanks for the positive vibes. I'll take all I can get at this point! :yes:

    I know I'm probably being paranoid, but the seller said the *weirdest* things in the original PayPal dispute before I escalated it. She first said I was trying to avoid paying for the bag (eh, hello? I paid for the bag after auction, hence 'refund'!) and that maybe the marks happened during shipping (uh huh. She shoved it flat into a priority mail box and wrote "do not open with razor!!" all over it in marker!! did she pack leather polish too and it spilled??) or perhaps the marks don't even exist and aren't really there! Huh??? She saw the pics!

    I try not to hold Newbie status against sellers as we were all new once, but this reeeaaaalllly is changing my mind.
  4. she said you were trying to avoid paying for the bag? ha, thats funny!
  5. Yup. She said it. I just don't get people any more. ~sigh~

    Of course, hindsight being 20/20, I realized after the fact that her listing gave clues I should have caught, such as stressing that the tag indicated any variations in the leather are natural, blah blah blah (this is a Kooba). She also responded that she 'chalked them up' to being natural variations. This is after claiming she examined the bag carefully and had seen NO marks.
  6. Seller has had the bag for two days now and the Resolution center status still shows "Awaiting Seller Response". ~sigh~

    I've tried finding a way to e-mail PayPal over this yet I'm stuck in a loop that just takes me back to the Resolution Center. In the case log it shows the Seller has having e-mailed PayPal three or four times over 3 days. Wonder how the heck they did that when I can't even find a link. Bleh.

    Maybe I should just call???

    Just noticed the seller has relisted the bag. They smartly did include a pic of the problem. Hmmmmm.....
  7. PayPal refunds are instant - what I mean by that is that as soon as the seller 'clicks' to refund payment and email is sent to you and the money is back in your account. The only reason it would not instantly be there is if the seller was using a bank withdrawl or "e-check" to refund you. In that case, you would still get an email notifying you that it was processed; but, the money would take 5-7 days to credit your paypal account.

    The seller may have said they will refund you so now you need to ask the seller exactly when they plan to follow through with their promise.
  8. Because it's a claim the seller actually has to log into PayPal and respond through the Resolution Center and indicate/confirm receipt of bag, which they haven't done. They have, however, relisted the bag. Can't believe it.

    Doesn't PayPal freeze funds in these cases?

  9. If the seller doesn't respond to the claim they risk losing it - which may be what they are doing? They may feel that either they refund you or PayPal takes the money in paypal time (longer than what you or I would consider acceptable). Oh, and YES - paypal has most likely already taken the money from the seller - this is why they wouldn't refund you - it is the joke of paypal though, that they take it from the seller but don't give it to you right away....this is why you should call them to get it back quicker (see explanation below).

    Since the seller has relisted the bag you can call PayPal and talk direct to a CSR - the rep should be able to get you the money back on the spot. Whenever we have had issues with fraud (we sell car parts) if we call PayPal we get a speedier resolution (usually on the spot) then waiting for them to siphon through all the claims.
  10. I just called and spoke to a 'Resolution Specialist'. They confirmed receipt by seller via the tracking info I had provided and released the funds to my PP account.

    Whew! I tell ya, this was just waaaay too much stress. :sweatdrop:
  11. Sounds like you have your money now! I surely hope so.

    I have both bought and sold on eBay in the past (not handbags) has been several years.....I can't believe how many fake bags are being sold as authentic. It is very risky and my experience on eBay would say to never buy from someone who does not have a 100% positive feedback rating. And also have at least 25+, preferably many more positive feedbacks. That is the only assurance one has that they are dealing with a reputable Seller. As with everything in today's world, there are many crooks whose job consists of ripping the public off any way they can. They make it their job and that is what the feedback posts are for on eBay. I think that way you can know you are dealing with a reputable person. Glad you got your $$$$$$$$!

  12. I am glad to hear that the issue was resolved for you!! :smile:

    Usually, the best thing to do is to call, you get help so much quicker this way!!
  13. Thanks, ladies.

    You know, even though I've been using ebay for about eight years it's only been the last four or so months that I've been buying any of my bags there. Prior to that I just never wanted to chance it with the amount of fakes to be found there. While the majority of transactions for bags have been great the few that have been bad (damaged, not fully described even after asking questions, etc.) have really worn me out. Maybe it's time for a ebay break (for bags, anyway). ~sigh~
  14. ^^ I am glad this worked out for you and do take a break. I have learned the hard way that sometimes a bad run can really drag me down and the best remedy is simply to step away from the auction site! For a while . . . ;)