Paypal Really Sucks Please Read If You Sell On Etsy Ebay Or Bonanzle

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  1. Im so steamed I was ripped off by an illegal chargeback on Etsy Not only did I lose the item the money but paypal than had the nerve to charge me a 10 dollar settlement fee They said I was right because I sent proof that the person is at the address on paypal but because it was only partially eligible on the site unless the credit card company decides to rule in my favor I am screwed This is not right and Im finally mad enough to go the the media I urge anyone else to go to their local media if this has happened to you
  2. It sucks big time, and I think PP is walking a thin line with some of its questionable practices, but what you're describing is in accordance with the terms & conditions you agree to when using PP. Still blows...:nogood:
  3. I am sorry, Daisy. That "partially eligible" BS is a real risk. And SADLY, the last time I saw that come up on one of my buyers, PP had these BS statements about "contact your buyer and verify the mailing address b4 you ship. Rarely is there a problem when shipping to an unconfirmed address... BUT... we won't protect you!":nuts:

  4. Daisy - sorry this happened to you. I had a would be scammer on Bonanzle with a partially eligible status and after speaking to a rep at Paypal and getting no straight answer on how I would be "partially" covered, I finally told him that for me, partially eligible = a big fat sack of NO!

    To this day, I am still unclear on the definition of "partially eligible".
  5. Typical paypal! I wish there was another way!
  6. It means you're not eligible for unauthorized payment protection.
  7. No protection against Charge back or unauth transaction.

    Partially eligible = absolutely not gonna cover your butt!:biggrin:
  8. That sucks!
  9. On ETSY??? Geez. I mean, I know it can happen anywhere but yikes.

    I'm sorry to hear about that.
  10. I am so sorry to hear that.......PP is so lame.......but it really is the only way to buy/sell with SOME protection......just that most sites other than Fleabay don't work side by side with PP and therefore don't give a rat's a$$ about anything other than collecting their money in fees!
  11. Let's face it...PP doesn't really protect sellers ANYWHERE, even if they sell on ebay. Selling is a risk...period. :s
  12. I have never heard of this before!! Really?! Settlement of what? You are the one who lost the business... I don't understand.
  13. charges paypal a fee which was 10 dollars in this case and paypal charges you the fee called a settlement fee So you lose your item your items value and shipping and than they charge you a fee
  14. Aww :x I'm sorry to hear that! Would calling your credit card company help you out?
  15. I'm sorry OP!! That really blows...