Paypal question

  1. Hello everyone. This may be a really stupid question, but here goes. With eBay and Paypal fees being very high for larger priced items--such as designer handbags, would it be really unreasonable to ask the buyer to pay for Paypal feels if he/she is paying with a credit/debit card?? I'm pretty sure there isn't a Paypal fee if the buyer pays with their checking account. I have only sold one thing on eBay and that was about 6 years ago, and fees were pretty minimal. I was thinking about this because I may sell some things in the future. Does anyone here use escrow services like Escrow is actually safer for the seller and buyer IMO than Paypal-but there are also fees associated with this service in which the buyer can pay fees, seller can pays fees, or fees can be split. Any opinions on this would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. The Seller is charged fees by PayPal regardless of how the Buyer pays (credit card, echeck, PayPal balance, etc.) Although of course the dollars are greater, the fee is actually lower, percentage-wise, as the price goes up. It is against eBay policy to ask the Buyer to pay the Paypal fees (and, for that matter, it is against California law to require a buyer --- eBay or otherwise --- to pay credit card fees; what eBay and the State of California want a Seller --- or Store -- to do is consider those fees a cost of doing business and figure them into the price you charge for an item.)

    You can avoid those fees by requiring the Buyer to send you a check, but IMHO it is better to get paid today and ship today than wait weeks. . . . =)
  3. I think that it is against Ebay's rules to charge more for credit card payments. If you list this in your auction, then your auction could get pulled. I have two accounts and I ask the buyer first if they are sending a non credit card or credit card payment. If it's non credit card, then I use my personal account. Personal accounts do not allow you to accept credit card payments, but receiving all payments are free. Premier accounts allow you to accept credit card payments, but they charge you 2.9% on all payments, regardless of whether they are funds transfers, e-checks or credit cards.

    It kind of stinks! Ebay owns paypal and they are getting fees on both sides!
  4. Oh ok....I didn't know it was against ebay rules and that ebay owns paypal. Have either one of you used or other escrow services in general?
  5. I could be wrong, but I think if you do an "e Check" its cheeper.
    I think my neighbor mentioned the fees are less.

    maybe someone here knows?
  6. The fees to the Seller are the same regardless. All an e-check means to a Seller is a delay of 4 - 5 BUSINESS DAYS for payment.
  7. thanks for clarifying
  8. nope... I've never heard of

    I'm sure that there are safer, and cheaper methods than paypal, but unfortunately, Paypal is so popular.
  9. I think most buyers prefer paypal, especially for higher value items, because it offers them a level of protection against non delivery, fakes etc. As a seller I prefer paypal because it is quicker, saves me a trip to the bank & also having it on screen makes it easier for me to track money in & out (I also use paypal for USPS shipping).

    What I usually do is factor the ebay & paypal fees into the minimum price I am willing to accept for an item. I usually sell quite low end items, so the fees are lower (but so are the profits!). If you are selling a purse, I would put the minimum bid (or reserve) at the lowest price you are happy to receive for your purse PLUS ebay & paypal fees (you can usually estimate these - and I'm sure there are tools out there on the internet that help!)

    I've never used Escrow, so I'm sorry I can't help with that!

    Good luck with your sales!
  10. e check is only $5.00.
  11. fees are lower when you get an e check much lower in fact only about 3.50GBP
  12. unreasonable and out of the question. against ebay rules. you sell? you pay. up your reserve, starting bid or buy it now prices.

    lots of escrow scams going on right now and neither paypal nor ebay will back you in case of a problem. ebay advises against it highly.