1. Can somebody please explain what it means CONFIRMED ADRESS?

    Most ebayers from overseas say, that they only ship to confirmed adress. I don't understand that. I am using paypal in adress is not confirmed? :confused1: Häää? I don't understand....:shame:

    Please let me know the differences for I would like to buy more from without having problems about payment.
  2. Unfortunately paypal users outside the US, UK and Canada cannot have their addresses confirmed. :sad: I'm in Australia and we don't have that option either. In those countries, they have the ability to make sure the address provided is correct... Not sure how it works, but I do know that if you don't live in those countries, then you can't get your address confirmed by Paypal. The best alternative is a Verified account, which everybody can have. Hope that helps.
  3. Thank you very much :yes: