paypal question

  1. my paypal account is set up to pay with my debit card. i am watching a bag on ebay that is a bit more than i want to spend at one time so i want to use my credit card. i set up an account with my credit card on paypal so i now have two choices with my debit card listed as primary. my question is this: if i bid and win my item will i have the option to choose which accout to pay with? i dont want to bid and win and then mess up with payment. thanks ladies!
  2. When you go to the checkout page, if you win, the page will show your PRIMARY funding source, which will be your debit card. There will be a link below that, that will say "other funding sources." There, you will be able to pick your credit card as your payment method.
  3. thank you! i was unsure about this and didnt want to bid and then flub it up!