PayPal question

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  1. Can a buyer get the number of a seller from PayPal? How do you do it? Thanks!
  2. Is it someone who sold to you? You may get the number from ebay if there is a problem but I have never heard of Paypal giving out info..
  3. From ebay only.
  4. Hi, here is the link to eBay's Search: Find Contact Information page: . If you are a buyer or seller in an eBay transaction, you fill in the user i.d. of the other party and the auction number. The other person's telephone number will then be emailed to your registered email address. Hope this helps!
  5. Bear in mind some contact numbers are fake. The way ebay works is when you register you can put whatever address/number you like, then when you start selling you need to have your details verified. If your first set of details are wrong, ebay will get you to change them, but they will keep the old!

    Everytime I try contacting the other party (usually defaulting party otherwise there's no need for this), I get address and phone number of a fire station, police station or the zoo!
  6. You're so right! We are only able to use a telephone number originally provided to eBay by the account owner. I've been fortunate - the few times I've had to actually call someone, I reached them. I couldn't help but laugh at the fire station, police station or the zoo. I'm sure it isn't funny when you're trying to reach an NPB, but it was hilarious to read!