Paypal question

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  1. I am having a nightmare time with Paypal because of my refusal to add a credit card!
    They have limited the access of my account until i do, but I will not because of fraud issues (as discussed on another thread). Paypal do have all of my info, except the cc.

    With the account limitation, they have frozen the money for my last few trasaction, includig the sellers money. Problem is, they have sent my items. I HAVE paid with existing funds, so the money was there to pay the seller. Now it appears to be in Paypal lala land.

    My question is, can Paypal really withhold the money from the seller indefinitely? Where does the money go if they do this? Can the seller file a complaint to make sure the money is unfrozen? I am not a money launderer, I have a confirmed address and they have a copy of my driving license with my address on the front. I have added tracking details of all the items I have sent and they have all been received by the buyers. What reason could there be to take the sellers money??

    I have had enough with Paypal and am just shocked that they can force me into giving them my credit card details. They have my bank details FGS. We are not talking about huge amounts of money either!
  2. Not sure that the law actually is but paypal usually does whatever they want
  3. if you are a buyer and the seller's account got freeze because of you then you need to contact paypal and talk to them to resolve the problem because that seller cant do anything.
    Paypal always do that and in their terms, they said they have the right to hold funds up to 180 days...
    i believe giving CC info is the first thing i had to do when i first started w paypal. it is more secure if you pay w your card instead of the paypal fund. because you can file w your cc company if something goes wrong. paying w paypal money doesnt guarantee anything
  4. ^^^^Yeah, I am starting to see that!!
  5. ^^^^What happens after 180 days??
  6. If you don't provide info that paypal require and they freeze ur account, they keep that fund for 180 days or until you do. Within 180 days, you can't use that account. No sending or receiving...nothing. After 180 days, they will refund you the moeny and ur account will be closed. You can't use the same info again to open another account (beside ur name and addy)