Paypal question

  1. I was just wondering....this may be a dumb question.

    I have gotten about $240.00 all in visa gift cards for my birthday. I wanted to see about adding those funds to my paypal account, so that If i wanted to buy something on eBay I could. Because I highly doubt someone would accept like 5 gift cards! LOL!

    I went on paypal and tried to ad funds to myself, but it did not work. I wanted to know if there are any other options to this?

    FYI-the cards say on the back that they can not be used in atm's for cash withdrawals.


    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I don't think you can do that - you can use V/MC gift cards like credit cards on paypal, but only one at a time. Seems like you might need to use them at a brick and morter instead of eBay.... or you could use them for normal everyday stuff and just transfer the total amount from your regular bank account into paypal and use it that way.
  3. Yeah I don't know if that's possible. If anything, I'd just do as hannahbanana suggested and tranfer the amount into your bank account and then into paypal.
  4. if you have 2 accounts i guess you can pay yourself?
  5. i think this is the best bet.

    the less paypal involved the better, imho.