Paypal Question

  1. What does an unconfirmed address mean on paypal ??
  2. This is taken from Paypal:

    What is a Confirmed Address?
    A buyer's Confirmed Address is checked against the credit card billing address maintained by the buyer's credit card company, or is verified by PayPal through an alternative process. Because Confirmed Addresses must be in the name of the account holder, Gift Addresses can never be confirmed.

    What is an Unconfirmed Address?
    An unconfirmed address is any address which is not associated with a credit card or which has not been Verified by PayPal. Gift Addresses and addresses associated with a Switch or Solo card are considered to be Unconfirmed. Most non-US addresses cannot be confirmed at the moment.

    I'm in Australia and we are one of the many non-US countries that cannot get confirmed status. I wrote to PP several times throughout the yrs asking when they are going to be able to confirm Aussie addresses and their answer is always the same - basically, because of the privacy laws in our country, PP is not privy to our information. And they don't know when they will be able to get around that and start giving us "confirmed" status. At the moment, I believe that beside the US, some UK and Canadian addresses can be confirmed and that's it.
  3. Paypal does "confirm" addresses in the USA and UK, that means the CC company confirms that the addres stated is the same as the billing address of the credit card. This is a way to make sure that you use your own credit card. They can not confirm addresses in other countries, exept if you use an American Express card, when it might (but not always) work. This means that paypal accounts in other countries than USA, Canada & UK are, as a rule, unconfirmed. All it means is that Paypal does not have any means to get that information from banks & cc companies in other countries, and does not say anything about the credibility of the account holder.

    Any paypal account can, however, be Verified. That basically means that you transfer a small fee so that Paypal can check that the account or credit card you have stated really exists, I guess.
  4. Yup, that's true. So, we can have "Verified" status ie. we have a Verified PP account, yet our address remains "Unconfirmed".
  5. I had my address in The Netherlands verified long time ago. You just pay a fee with the cc that Paypal has registered and that's it.
  6. oh ok thanks .. I sold some shoes to a seller in the UK who has an uncomfired address. But the seller says they did not get them ,, I have proff of a reciept as I only sent them 1st class and not recoded with a tracking number. Stupid me ;( .. I have scanned the reciept up for paypal, and called them but they say that is not really enough proff as they would need a tracking number. So i do not know what to do -- can the buyer claim his money back now - and does it make a difference to them if they have an unconfirmed address. The shoes were not too expensive only about $65 ..
  7. Most Sellers will not ship to an unconfirmed address, no matter the reason why. Also, most Sellers have started requiring people to pay for insurance so they get a tracking #.
  8. I know I am bummed - the person also has 0 feedback on ebay .. :sad: I was silly really
  9. aww, I'm sorry Kimmy :sad: