Paypal Question!

  1. Ok, so I sold my bag directly with Paypal today.

    The buyer has 100% feedback and seems very nice.....I invoiced her and she paid emmediatley.

    So I got the funds right away in my paypal account....Is that as good as cleared?

    I then transfered the money to my checking account?

    Do I wait until the money is in my checking account before I ship the item??

    What is the protocol here?
  2. no, it's clear. If it was pending it would show as pending.
  3. So once I am able to withdraw the money it means its cleared eventhough Its not in my account yet?

    Ok, so the payment from her is status "completed", but it is still pending for the withdrawal request(transfer to checking account)!
  4. Yes the funds are in your account, you have received from her no need to wait for clearance
  5. ok, thanks....will ship it tomorrow then!
  6. I just wanted to reraise this topic.

    Should we be posting once our withdrawal status from from paypal says completed or pending?

    I would hate to send the item and then have paypal suddenly hold the funds....
  7. the reason it says pending when transferring to your bank account is only because they need to verify your account and your bank has to accept. kind of like when you deposit a check, the deposit typically pends for a day or two before becoming available. their part of the transaction is complete. paypal accepted thier payment and now you are withdrawing to your account. if you had the card and withdrew from the atm, you would def have funds immediately.
    does that make any sense??
  8. Okay thanks heaps for that - I just wondered if paypal was able to stop a withdrawal for no reason as I have heard in the past that they have frozen accounts etc. I guess I'm paranoid! Thanks :smile: