PayPal Question: Unclaimed Money?

  1. I recently sent the equivalent of 10 Euros to an artist through PayPal for a set of postcards. This was not an eBay transaction. It was using the PayPal cart on his own website. Anyway, he hasn't claimed the money and it's been a couple of weeks. According to PayPal's help section, the money might be unclaimed, because (1) he hasn't confirmed his e-mail address, (2) he is using a different e-mail address than the one he originally used to sign up for the account, or (3) he has to manually claim or deny the funds and he hasn't done this. Anyway, I am planning to contact the artist and ask him if he will be claiming his money and sending the cards. If I don't get any response, what do I do? This really isn't the typical PayPal dispute scenario wherein a person has been scammed. The person just hasn't claimed the money I sent. If the artist doesn't claim the money I sent, does anyone know how I can go about getting it back?
  2. I'd start by contacting the artist direct and state that the money has been unclaimed. Perhaps they haven't used Paypal before (I bought a jacket on eBay recently and the money was "unclaimed", when I contacted the seller, it was his first sale and he wasn't sure what to do. I sent him an e-mail explaining how to verify the account etc and everything went fine...and he left me lovely feedback about helping him with the sale!

    If you don't hear back from the artist I'd try 2 e-mails - the first an enquiry, the second saying if you don't hear back within X days, you will assume the sale is not going to be honoured and contact Paypal to block the transaction (I'm sure they could do that).

    Hope it works out OK for you
  3. Thanks for the help. I had every intention of contacting him first to see if there is a problem. I guess my question is how you go about getting refunded if he doesn't respond. Do you just file with the resolution center like you would if you'd had a bad eBay transaction?
  4. I believe you can just cancel the transaction.
  5. I contacted the artist in question and he responded to me. He apologized for neglecting to claim the funds and send my postcards. He claimed the funds, and he is sending me two extra sets of cards to make up for the delay. He was very kind. I guess he was very busy with his painting and he said hasn't been sleeping. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on this matter. I don't use PayPal or eBay a lot, so it helps to have people to answer questions.