Paypal question- I am so confused!

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  1. Someone please help me! The more time I spend on the paypal site, the more confused I get!

    I know that several years ago, Paypal would allow people with personal accounts to conduct up to 5 sales a year... I don't remember the exact details, but I think it was something set up for what they called 'occasional sellers'

    Now, I have under 5 items that I'd like to sell through Bonanzle. I'd like to be able to accept credit cards for these transactions. Do I need to upgrade my paypal account to a premier one? And if I do so, are any fees associated with this? Can I downshift to a personal account again when I'm finished with these sales?
  2. If you want to accept credit cards at all, you have to upgrade.

    The personal account does not allow them.

    There are fees for accepting CC payments and I don't believe you can revert back again.
  3. newoldbag is correct. you must upgrade, and from then on every single transaction will have fees, whether it is a funded payment or credit card payment.

    if you wish to sell, even occassionally, i'd upgrade, you can't really demand payment with funded. there is revolution money exchange, which does not charge any fees, but not sure if bonanzle allows them, as i don't use bonanzle.
  4. Maybe you could try just opening a new one for selling, and keep your personal one for other things.
  5. Sorry for what is probably a stupid question, but does this include when I buy things from other people/businesses?

    People don't send me money via paypal, so I wouldn't need to worry about getting dinged with fees for that.
  6. This is how I do it, with two accounts ! Whenever possible and when I know someone will be sending me payment in funded Paypal - I will use my personal account to avoid the fees.