Paypal putting limitations on accounts?

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  1. About an hour ago I got a notification from Paypal saying "Notification of Limited Account Access OMARCP" (what does OMARCP mean - anyone?)

    the opening lines go like this:
    "As a part of our efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for the online community, we regularly screen account activity. Our review of your account has identified an issue regarding its safe use. We have placed a restriction on your account as a precaution."

    Basically, I have to scan and upload all kinds of documentation, including ID, credit card statements, proof of address, receipt for two bags Ive sold (one is shipped, but the buyer send me a copy of the receipt in a heartbeat as I made the rookie mistake of not taking a copy before I shipped it out - thank god for the best buyer EVER) and I still have the other one as i haven't shipped the bag- waiting for payment to clear - and I even have to write a detailed description of all my transactions in the past month.

    Anyone else have this happen? Are they doing this regularly? Only had my account for about 3 months, so Im not too schooled in Paypal policies.

    Its a *REAL* hassle - I guess we should be happy that they "care", but I will be happier after Im done with all the paperwork and uploading and describing they are makingme do.....
  2. Have you tried calling PayPal and asking why your account has been limited?
  3. Oh, and I just found this: PayPal says that this can happen for a variety of reasons, and you can find out why when you log onto your account.
  4. I say you need to call paypal directly, I am occassionally getting emails that look like they are from paypal, when in fact they are not, emails usually say my acct. has limited access then asks me to log in right there in the email, DON'T EVER LOG INTO PAYPAL INSIDE AN EMAIL!!! this is how scammers get your password, then get you to send them sensitive documents.
  5. MOWCAM - it's a giant pain the a** (I know from experience) but the first order of business here is to just jump through their hoops. I had exactly the same experience - account limited for 'suspicious activity' and a bunch of things I had to do to confirm a bunch of details. I did it and it was immediately resolved. I got the feeling that this is not uncommon at all with Paypal.

  6. I'm jumping.... But I ain't liking it while I jump... It's like a workout, I know it will get better after, but I stil can't quite ENJOY it, its more a hassle, and at this point, something that needs to be done!

    BTW - I logged on through the front page of regular paypal after receiving the email confirmation, so no scam.... Even when I trier to logon to my ebay account, it reminded me to resolve my "security issues" with Paypal.

    Sigh.... There goes THAT hour or two.

  7. Would contact paypal and ask for an explanation.. therre are many

    phishing e-mails that look like they are authentic and from paypal..

    so before I would give out any info, would call PP
  8. NO worries - any and all information i give is given directly into my logged in, regular paypal account...

  9. Suggest changing your password.. be safe than sorry if you know what

    I mean... and usually I forward those e-mails to spoof@paypal..

    if they are legit, they respond..
  10. Oh, I know. The worst part for me was never getting a straight answer from paypal regarding what they thought the 'suspicious activity' was. It just seemed to me like they'd randomly decided to eff with me. And you know, that's probably pretty much what happened.
  11. In response to hotshot: I don't know why that would be necessary if all of the information she's been given/given out has been directly through the PayPal website. :confused1:
  12. I don't know, really. I will call them as soon as they open, its always easier to talk to someone.....
  13. This has been happening for at least three years that I know of. Sometimes there'e a reason, sometimes not. They rarely tell you exactly why. They're usually very evasive.

    The eBay boards are full of stories on this.

    It could have had something to do with your recent Germany/Viet Nam issue.
  14. This was happen to me about 4 years ago or so, after about 6 months I opened my Paypal account. But as soon as I gave all the info they needed the un-restricted my account.
  15. Yup - I gave them the info needed and now my account is back to normal.