PayPal protects on non-eBay items, too, right?

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  1. I purchased a bag from Craigslist and the seller seemed very normal, she's a member on TPF too, however, she hasn't responded to my emails for a bit. I've sent half the payment on PayPal and am just a tad worried.
    If I file a claim and never receive the item I can get my money back, right? I think they cover un-delivered, right?!

    I know C.List can be shady but I've purchased two LV's on there in the past and they've been perfect + WAY better deal than the bay.
  2. so maybe I should wait to file a dispute so that she doesn't figure it out...that way she won't send ANYTHING...

    she'd have to provide some sort of tracking, correct?
  3. I just wanted to add that before seller protection didn't occur for partial payments, but now that might be for buyer protection.

    I can't remember if you are covered for partial payments. Did you note anywhere it was a partial payment? Also, did you sent it marked payment for goods or just money transfer?
  4. When did you buy? When did you pay? Does she still have the ad posted and if she does you can post it here as long as none of her personal info included (email, name, phone, ect.).
    What was the item and how much total?
  5. And I guess the other question, since you said she's on tPF, is she reading this??????:nuts:
  6. The off-bay protection includes INR and SNADs,
    which include fake items. The difference is that
    PayFoe does not make a ruling in SNAD disputes.
    It provides a medium for the seller and buyer to
    debate the issue and reach (or not) an agreement.
    So, in theory there's some protection, but in
    practice it's as good as none.

    I think partial payments are not covered.
    And, since this is an off-bay transaction,
    recovery of the money would depend on
    what PayFoe can get from the seller, as
    PF does not refund the buyer in this case.
  7. It was a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM from Miami. The seller had sent me tons of pics to authenticate and was very chatty. However, I told her I would only send $150 until I had recieved an AUTHENTIC bag.

    I am hoping she will send the bag. If not, what do I do? It sounds like PayPal will only refund if SHE responds.
  8. WTF???

    Who would agree to send you a bag with only a partial payment?

    Okay, this entire transaction sounds fishy. I love my tPF pals, but there is simply no way I would send out a bag with no recourse to get paid later if the deal goes south.
  9. ^ ITA. Both buyer and seller would be unwise to agree to such a transaction--the buyer kuz she might never see a bag after paying $150, and the seller even more if she were to send that bag for a mere $150 with an unlikely-to-come-true promise of mo' money after receipt. :nogood:
  10. ...I actually have done the partial payment in the past, I usually just send my eBay ID/ect.

    So...maybe I was a bit foolish....what should I do?
  11. Partial payment (as we usually see here) is very different than what you are describing. You are in essence making a deposit, asking them to mail the item to you for verification, and then if it is to your satisfaction (might be some sarcasm, but it is really at the whim of a buyer in this situation) you pay up the rest of the money.

    When I hear partial payment I think more of a layaway plan, you make small payments until you have given the seller the total and then they send you the merchandise. In that case you as the buyer are trusting the seller to send you the item you purchased, but if you don't get it you have ways of getting the money back, particularly if you pay with a CC and have chargeback rights.

    For your situation if you were an dishonest buyer and got the item, short of a lawsuit the seller really doesn't have a way to make sure you send them the remainder of the money.

    That is just a lot of trust!
  12. ...well I understand I may have been stupid. But what do YOU recommend I do NOW? I get the fact that it was a lot of trust, I get the fact that I made a partial payment. I get that. But what do I DO?

    I don't mean to snap, my apologies.
  13. What and when was the last you heard from the seller? Maybe you can try to do a chargeback with PP?
  14. I sent the payment Saturday and the seller told me she'd send the item out on Monday. I emailed her probably thirteen times today and yesterday and she hasn't responded.

    I don't know if she just ISN'T checking her email or what....? However, I just don't want to wait too long.