Paypal Protection Policy,does it protect none ebay purchases?

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  1. I want to purchase a handbag off someone from another forum. With no formal auction like ebay, am I still protected by paypal if I pay through paypal? I'm afraid I will send the money ($350) and will never recieve the item or will get a fake bag. Thanks for any help.
  2. you can file a complaint through paypal. I did when I bought something off of overstock and never received it.
  3. Isnt overstock a formal agreement? If I don't have that will they still protect me?
  4. A formal agreement? You make a formal agreement most places. You say ok I want to buy this from you, but I back out after you have paid me, you file a complaint with paypal then you file one with your credit card company.
  5. You're still protected, per say but if the funds are moved out of the account, Paypal will do very little to help you. Depend on your credit card company - they're a lot more reliable.
  6. :yes: Exactly. When it happened to me, paypal said that I was right, but there was nothing they could do soI had to file with my cc company.