Paypal Problems w/USPS site????

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  1. Since last night, I've been unable to print a shipping label through Paypal. I printed about 4 labels then on the 5th, I got a popup block saying Paypal was having difficulty connecting to the USPS website. It said that my funds would be refunded but I need to try again later. Well, I tried on & off for about 2 hours last night and again this morning and its still says the same thing?? Anyone else experiencing this problem? :cursing:
  2. Haven't tried lately but that has happened to me before. I just ended up giving up and going to the post office. I think when I was trying to print before it was really early in the morning like 2-3ish I just figured that maybe it was during the maintenance window of the Post Office system... I guess either try later or get in the car... It stinks I know and can totally empathize with you...
  3. It has happened to me as well, but I usually scroll down all the way to the bottom and click on reprint shipping label and it pops up the label to be printed. Or sometimes I go back to the reply e-mail from USPS that I created a shipping label and do the same thing, scroll all the way down and click on it.
    They do work for me, hope they work for you too.