Paypal Problem.....(Plz help!!!)

  1. I am trying to buy a pair of shoes from eBay. Everything was fine, until after the confirmed address step. I submited all my information but then it won't go through, this message at the top pops up that says: This credit card is already registered in your Paypal account. Use "Update" button if you want to update existing credit card information. I looked, and i can't find an update button anywhere. All the credit card information I entered is correct, why isn't this working??? Please, please, help. Thanks.
  2. Please help. I really want the Louboutins, I'm trying to buy.
  3. I've only seen this happen when you're trying to manually put in a credit card on Paypal, when it is already saved in your profile...I'm not sure that's exactly what is happening to you but when you pay through eBay, isn't there a dropdown box for your credit card or bank account you want to use to pay?
  4. Umm...this is exactly what i did. i clicked Pay Now to pay for the item. That takes me to a page where to the left it says Log In and to the right it says New To Paypal? with a drop down box of your country to sign up for paypal. I already have a paypal account, so I logged in, and i submitted my information and then it said: This Credit Card is already registered in your Paypal account. Use "Update" button if you want to update existing credit card information. I didn't type any information wrong. Maybe I should have just selected Sign Up?? (But i don't think that would be right because i already have a paypal account.)
  5. Maybe you could try removing the previous info for the credit card and then re-entering it in.
  6. Yes, I would suggest deleting the credit card out of your account and then re-adding it. That might fix the problem. Or contact Paypal customer service if that still doesn't work.
  7. I deleted it and re added it, and the same message keeps appearing. I guess i have to contact paypal. It's a shame, because paypal is supposed to make is said to be an easier way to pay on eBay?? And for me, it only makes it harder to pay. = ( I really hope they can help, it'd be a shame if I have to pass up a really hot shoe deal just because of some paypal or CC information problems.
  8. ^ How frustrating! Try calling or contacting PayPal and maybe one of their representatives can help you fix this. They're way more helpful than the ebay ones, IMO. I hope you get it fixed so you can buy your CLs!