Paypal problem.. help!

  1. hey everyone. my dad and I have been selling items on eBay for about 3 years now. We sell a variety of items like clothes, bags, collectibles, antiques, etc. All of these items are from our personal collections. We are NOT a business. eBay is just something we do on the side for fun.

    anyhow, we have TWO Paypal accounts. Our oldest account has had about 90+ transactions, verified, etc. They are both shared by the both of us but one is under his name and the other is under my name. We recently decided to start using the newest account which hasn't had much activity in it. We thought It'd be a good idea to try and raise our rating on that account. So, we starting selling some items and got about 5 payments.

    A few hours later, I try to log into the Paypal account and it says our account access is limited due to the recent activity in the account. They said to remove the limitations on the account, to follow all of these steps in order to verify our information. The problem is that all of our information is on our older account and Paypal does not let you register the same information twice. We live in the same house,same address, phone number. They also asked us to verify our Business and where we got our items from. WE DO NOT HAVE A BUSINESS THOUGH! These are all our personal items collected over the years. Some items are even my grand fathers so we do not have that type of information! I don't know what to do because there is a lot of money sitting there and we can't do anything with it. What should I do??
  2. please help.. don't know what i should do. :sad:
  3. I do hope you went directly to the Paypal site and didn't click on any link in an e-mail. That sounds like a common scam. If you got the info directly from Paypal I would call customer service and ask them what you need to do.
  4. It was directly from the Paypal website. I think it must've been because I started getting a lot of payments and they thought something funny was going on. I guess. I almost feel like it is an invasion of privacy!!