Paypal Premier or Personal...which one?

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  1. I have now accepted paypal payments, but because my account is still personal, any cc/debit card payments I receive are a LOT higher than the usual 2.9% paypal fees. :cursing: However, all the other extras that premier offers doesn't seem appealing to me (i.e., a Paypal debit card which I don't want/need, 1.9-2.9% charge on direct deposits, etc)...and I'm not a big-time seller. Any advice? Do you think I'm fine with just a personal...? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question!
  2. I only sell occasionally, but I've been just fine with paypal personal. I'm just like you and don't need or want any of the extras that come with the premier account. If you were using ebay as your primary source of income, I might consider the premier account, but I haven't found that the fees are too painful. I'd rather have to pay a little extra in fees for the ability to keep things simple and not have to keep tabs on yet another credit or debit card.
  3. ^Thanks! I guess I should keep the personal, then. I didn't think that the premier wasn't necessary, but I wanted to double check. I don't rely on ebay as a source of income...I'll just put up with the extra fees. :smile:
  4. it isn't necessary but not being able to accept credit card payments will pretty much hamper you from selling any high price items. i had a personal account in the beginning and was determined not to upgrade due to the fees, but then all of a sudden everyone wanted to pay with a credit card and i wouldn't have been able to sell my items otherwise. so i bit the bullet.
  5. I have 2 PayPal accounts. Just signed up for a Premier one yesterday so I could receive CC payments. Like you, I debated having one, but I chose to ask around (see Having 2 separate PayPal accounts?). I still plan on using my personal account to receive non-CC payments though.
  6. Agree, same thing happened to me when I first started selling a couple of years ago. I refunded a couple of times and they paid via a bank account, but after EVERYone started paying with CC's, I gave in and went premier.
  7. I have had a Business account through PP since 2003, and I also have the debit card that goes with it. For me, it's VERY convenient.

    I don't have to wait to transfer funds into my checking account (which takes 3-4 business days) and I can use it immediately with my debit card. I LOVE it. Not only that, whenever I use it as a credit card, and not a debit card, I get 1.5% cash back on EVERY credit card transaction. Believe me, that adds up.

    So I rarely use it as a debit. Only a credit card. I also have a money market account tied to it, as well, which gives me 2.32% at the end of the month of my final balance available in my account.

    I love it. But that's me....
  8. Oh, no, I don't think I'll restrict my sales to direct deposits...I'll still accept debit/cc payments; I'll just put up with the extra fees that come along with it. The reason why I am hesitant to upgrade to premier is because I already have two bank for my personal safety and the other for selling/Paypal. My friend had her money stolen thanks to Paypal years ago, which is why I created 2 separate bank accounts. Just upgrading to Premier (or even making 2 paypal accounts) will give me 3 debit cards, which I really don't want/need, and complicate everythin. :sweatdrop: