Paypal Payments

  1. Hey...I have a buyer who has sent payment for a bag to the wrong email address. I only have the option to accept the payment in my Paypal account. Does anyone know what instruction I can give her to reclaim the payment from her side so she can re-send it to the correct address? Help!
  2. Does it also give you the option to cancel the payment or decline it? If it does, I would do so and then send her a little note that the payment was sent to you in error. Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. Thank goodness for honest people like you, that you aren't claiming the payment!! From my experience as a buyer, there's nothing the buyer can do at the moment. I've had to ask sellers to reject the payment on your side, but if you don't have an option for that, then just leave it for a few days. If it hasn't been claimed for a while, it should eventually give the person who sent the payment the option to cancel it. I don't remember how long it takes exactly, I think it's somewhere in the range of 3-5 days, but it might be a week.