Paypal Payment Issue

  1. I won a MJ bag the other evening and paid for it with Paypal. When buying anything that has any potential at all to be fake or is over $200 I always select the credit card option. I happen to be in the process of selling a few things on eBay myself and thus had a small balance ($100 or so) in my account which I usually leave until it gets to $500 or so then transfer it to my bank account. Well, I just went in to check my account and the balance looked low so I checked the history. Well, it turns out that when I selected the option to pay w/ my cc, Paypal used the existing balance and then only took out the difference from my cc. The significance here is that if there was a problem with the purchase my cc company could only reverse the amount they paid and not the total and from what I've heard good luck getting Paypal to reverse anything.

    Now fortunately, the bag was fine, but I've emailed Paypal to correct the error so will see how they respond. Has anyone had this issue? From now on, I'll have to make sure and clean out my balance before I pay for anything that's for sure.
  2. hmmm... not sure ~ I always use the CC I got via Paypal and when I select it I get an checkbox to FULLY FUND the purchase with the CC which I always select??? :shrugs: Does that checkbox not come up on other CCs??
  3. I thought it was paypal's practice always to use the balance in your account and then the cc. For this reason, I take money out the second I get it.
  4. ^ That is correct, any paypal balance will be utilized first, that's why you should empty your paypal balance and then make a credit card payment.
  5. Ditto this statement. I always withdraw every penny first, then pay with a CC.
  6. yes that happened to me.. I didn't want to use my paypal balance but it forced me to use it up before the CC
  7. Thanks for the tips - I just emptied it out and will do so every day! I guess the interest they generate on the money we leave setting there doesn't mean anything to them -oh, well - not making any more $$ off me in that area!