Paypal payment failed, is my ebay voucher gone forever?

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  1. i have two paypal accounts associated with 2 different email addresses. One is linked to a closed bank account. (i'm stupid i should have closed the paypal account associated with this email address ages ago) The other is normal and functioning.

    i accidentally signed into the paypal acct with the closed account and paid for an ebay item.

    the payment (an e-check) failed after a few days.

    whats worse is that i used an Ebay bucks certificate at the same time. is that voucher gone forever? it was in the amount of 90 bucks so i'd like to get it back.

    how do i pay for the item again? there is no option to do that from the auction page. and now the ebay seller is irate with me for the payment not going through...the ebay seller send me a cancel transaction request.

    at this point i wouldnt mind going through the cancel transaction. i just want to get my ebay bucks back!
  2. Call Ebay and tell them what happened.
  3. their customer service is bas..but try calling them :smile:
  4. From the Terms & Conditions

    5.12 If an Eligible Participant uses the eBay Bucks Certificate towards the purchase of an item that is later refunded, eBay will credit back to the Eligible Participant the Reward amount spent on the refunded item.
  5. This happened to me too. Their incompetent website told me the certificate was already used when I tried repaying the second time.

    Go back to your email with the ebay bucks. There should be a code at the bottom in fine print. Copy that into your discounts section when you check out again. It should work.
  6. i called ebay. they told me to wait until i received an email from paypal saying the payment hadnt gone through.

    then the pay now option would reappear on the original auction within a few hours.

    sure enough, about 5 hours later it did and i was able to pay again.

    this is a relief. i would be hopping mad if i lost out on 90 bucks.