Paypal or CC company when filing a claim?

  1. I found a seller on eBay, who had listed a LV speedy 35, brand new, dustbag, lock, copy of receipt to be included. I asked teh seller if he (who resides in USA) if he could post to Australia. He replied saying he could.
    Next day his listing was removed, nowhere to be found.
    He emailed me that night saying:

    "Hello, I'm contacting you because you asked a question about or placed a bid on my item that was removed from eBay last night due to excessive revisions and revision attempts. I kept receiving questions to post more pictures and add a buy it now price, I did not know that this would result in the removal of the item......."

    I immediately replied and worked out an agreement with him (we mustve sent about 100 or so emails to each other. That i could have the bag incl shipping for $669 AUD. I sent the payment with my credit card through paypal. He then told me that i had to send an addition $28.32 because after all the fees from paypal it didnt work out to be how much he was expecting. If i didnt pay the $28.32AUD, he said he wouldnt post the bag. So i paid.
    The bag was dropped off at the post office on the 20th October. I received the bag on 29th October.

    As soon as i opened the package i knew something was wrong, the dust bag looked fake! The bags stitching was coming out, the padlock and keys looked wrong. I emailed the seller saying i thought it was a brand new bag not a damaged one. he said he sent me a brand new one with no flaws. I sent him pictures etc. he said the bag i showed him, is not the bag he sent me. And the serial number of the bag i sent is different to the one he sent me. Hes saying either i swapped it or someone stole it! GAH! I would never do such a thing. and considering the time frame which the bag arrived to me i highly doubt someone swapped it!!

    So i took it to the LV boutique and confirmed it was a fake bag, and lock and dustbag.
    Seller said he will only give me a refund of $498USD. Because thats how much he insured it for. WHY WOULD HE INSURE IT FOR $498USD:wtf:?? I paid $700AUD. The exchange rate has changed now. But back then $669 = $581USD. So i had paid him about $600USD. and he was only going to give me $498USD when i make a claim.

    NONETHELESS. im making a claim. Which is better? Through Paypal or Credit Card company. Can the seller say how much he wants to give back to me? Or does he have to give me back what i paid? which was $698.32!!

    I feel so scammed. i told him im a young single mother, who saved up for this. I cant believe how cruel people can be!!:crybaby:

    Please someone help. I want to make a claim ASAP!! TIA:flowers:

  2. Am i taking that this transaction was carried out off ebay???
  3. yes.. it was..
  4. yikes, another @$$hole! cant believe he just scammed your savings like that, i'm so sorry this happened to you.

    i'm not 100% sure and correct me if i'm wrong, i dont think revisions can cause an item to be removed, can it? sounds like a lie to me. and i think you should have paid an item that has been pulled, you might not be covered by paypal that way.

    i could be wrong so wait for a 2nd opinion.

    good luck:heart:
  5. A bag wont be pulled if you make to many revisions, it just wont let you make any revisions for a 7 day period and that sign will flash up everytime you try. If it came up after the auction was removed rather than him ending it , chances are it was pulled for being fake!
    As the transcation was carried out off ebay you have no buyer protection, you have no pictures from the auction to compare to your bag or a description either!! I would contact your credit card comapny asap!
  6. Ok thanks missy_attitude.. I know it was a dumb thing to purchase something that was pulled. I thought he was genuine. Guess not..
  7. The choice is made then, your CC company is your only recourse. Paypal doesn't protect transactions done outside ebay.
  8. sorry i meant shouldnt have.

    dont be so harsh on yourself, what is done is done. like designermummy said, see what your cc company can do.
  9. Thanks BellaFiore, i will contact my CC company now.

  10. The seller sent me 2 emails saying they are pictures from the listing. The first lot of pictures he sent was in the email when he contacted me about buying it.
    Would that be proof enough?
    I called my credit card company and they said, its not their problem.
    They said its not a fradulent transaction, i approved it, so theres nothing they can do.
    I spoke to 2 people and they both said the same thing!!
    What do i do?????
    they said i will have to talk to the person and get them to give my money back. If they wont, then too bad to me. OMG!!! thats not right is it???
  12. Have you spoken to paypal to see if there is anything they can do?
  13. can you re-negotiate with the seller and tell him that you will report him to FBI or something if he doesnt give you your money back.

    worse come to worse, take the $498...better than nothing.
  14. not yet because they were closed by the time i got around to calling them.. its ok..ive told them to check the computers. i was talking to someone from my cc company last night and they said i could make a claim.

    so when i called a 3rd time i asked to speak to the same person, who apparently was the manager, but shes not in at the moment. i told the person who took my call about everyone telling me different things, and what the manager said. she had the brains to check the computer to see what could be done. So we now have it sorted.. kinda.. Im just waiting for all the forms in the mail now.. I feel at ease.. kinda:sweatdrop:

  15. I am sorry that this happened to you. What kind of c/c do you have. can you tell them that it was a counterfeit item and that you are will to show proof. you should be able to do a charge back. If not I would cancel this credit card and find one more consumer friendly.