Paypal: ON HOLD- SHIP NOW...???

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  1. Have any of you recieved this message from Paypal? it states to ship the item and they will hold the funds until either the item has been delivered or the buyer leaves feedback. It says 21 days? WTF. It also states that paypal may choose to release the funds sooner if the buyer has left feedback. Well, sometimes buyers DO NOT leave feedback so why should sellers be punished? Paypal is a piece of **** and where is their call center located because No offense to people whos 1st language is not english, but I CANT even understand these peoples english. I mean atleast hire people who can speak conversational english at the minmum. I find their policies so inconsistent dependent on the rep that you end up getting on the phone. Some are amazing who will get what you need, done while others are incompetent and repeate the same information thats on the sheet in front of them.
  2. i think that new sellers will get this message especiallyif they have sold a high dollar item.
  3. I heard about it too. For new sellers. I heard that if you get a positive feedback, then they will release the funds.
  4. This has happened to me before. PayPal will release the funds even if the buyer does not leave feedback in a timely manner if you provide tracking number to them. For each item that's paid through PayPal there's a link where you can add the item's tracking number. So last time when this happened to me PayPal released the funds 2 days after UPS said the item was delivered and before I received any feedback from the buyer. Hope that helps. :tup:
  5. ITA with cherll. At my first selling activity, PayPal asked for tracking numbers and the similiar request like yours. I did provide all of the tracking number and I made a call to PayPal. They released my fund without wait for feedbacks from buyers. Try to call them.
  6. I called PayPal regarding the 21 day hold that I read about and they told me it was an experiment that didn't work out, so they no longer do holds anymore :confused1:
  7. I heard about this too but it has never affected me. Silyl rule, I hope they did scrap it.
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    my husband got that. he shipped the item, 21 days passed, the buyer never left feedback, but the money was released in 21 days. he never bothered to send paypal tracking, it wasn't a big deal to wait 21 days for the money from just one item.