Paypal now not siding with buyers in INR claims?

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  1. I can't believe this. I purchased a top from Australia on June 10. By the last week of June I still had not received the top, nor any communication from the seller after I asked for a tracking number. I opened a paypal claim, seller responded 1 day before the deadline :rolleyes: with a tracking number that produces an "item not found" or "invalid tracking number" message in both the AU and US online tracking systems. So, today I receive a case closed message from paypal stating that they cannot decide in my favor since the seller provided a tracking number! Am I missing something?!

    It's been over a month and I have since purchased and received items from Australia.

    Anyone else experienced this?
  2. OMG ! so they can provide any old tracking number and win ?!! what a crock ! i would get on the phone to paypal and kick up a stink !
  3. I would contact paypal and let them know that the tracking info is not turning

    up in the system.. provide it to the person you speak to & let her look to see if she

    can find it in the system
  4. I would contact paypal directly and tell them what you have told us about the tracking number not being valid. That is utterly ridiculous. I think PayPal should be ashamed of themselves.
  5. I'd bet they don't even check the tracking number- they just automatically close it when the tracking number is provided. I believe you can appeal the case.
  6. I agree CALL PP and pitch a fit. There's a huge difference in providing a tracking number and providing a VALID tracking # that proves delivery!
  7. Please tell me you called paypal and didn't just accept this decision without questioning it.
  8. Update:

    Luckily I got a good PP agent. At first, she said that the rules for Australia are different and that they only have to provide proof of postage (tracking number) and not proof of delivery. I let her know that the tracking number was no good and turned up as invalid on both the AU International tracking site and the USPS site. She put me on hold and came back to let me know that the seller also faxed in proof of mailing with a receipt showing my address, etc. and that's why it was closed. I asked for the date of mailing and it was... get this... July 9!! That was the deadline for her response and that was when she updated the dispute with the number. What a jerk! I paid on JUNE 10. They didn't ship it for nearly a month and would not respond to my requests for shipping confirmation/tracking information.

    Because of this the agent said that she would re-open/appeal my case. I can't believe this person tried to get away with this. I have been really unlucky with buying on ebay lately. This is the second INR in 2 months and I also had a seller send me the wrong size item and then tell me "too bad. I spent the money and there are no returns". Geez. What is wrong with people?
  9. Ewww, that's ridiculous! If someone said "too bad, I spent the money.." I'd be like, "Too bad, I'm filing a PayPal claim."

    Some people are just absolutely ridiculous. I would be FURIOUS if someone

    On the bright side, we can hope that you will finally be getting your item. Keep us posted to let us know that she actually sent you what you paid for. Good luck!
  10. Make sure to leave the seller negative feedback. That is awful how she treated you! Other buyers need to be warned. Sorry this has happened to you.
  11. PER PP HELP CENTER - for

    How long does the seller have to dispatch my item?

    Question : Answer : We encourage sellers to send items as soon as they receive an order. However, for sellers to be eligible for Seller Protection, we require dispatch within seven days of receiving a payment. Please allow more time for sellers who are dispatching internationally. Keep in mind, international deliveries may be delayed due to customs.;jsessionid=KhpC8yh61LCvHRZKVp5NWYxTSht9sDZxTQ61mdrFq5pMqmrQJYkJ!-1154552733?locale=en_AU&_dyncharset=UTF-8&countrycode=AU&cmd=_help&serverInstance=9005&t=solutionTab&ft=browseTab&ps=solutionPanels&solutionTopic=3000059&solutionId=15370&isSrch=Yes

    Per PP AU User Agreement, the agreement really does not specifically address the issue of "seller must ship w/in 7 days in order to qualify for seller protection against INR".

    I'd still be calling back and demanding to know WHY PP ruled in seller's favor, as seller clearly violated PP shipment policy and therefore has no seller protection....???????????? WTH??
  12. I'm really glad that Paypal have reopened the case for you bulletproofsoul.
    This has just happened to me too. I bought an item from Italy which didn't arrive, seller gave a tracking number which the uk postal service has no record of. I filed an INR and Paypal closed it in favour of the seller as they said that the seller provided proof of posting!
    Proof of posting is exactly just that, not proof of delivery!
    I've now appealed to have the case reopened, thankfully I paid by cc so if they don't reopen the case then I'll call my cc company.