PayPal not as described dispute .. HELP!

  1. Just received a not as described dispute with paypal - buyer states -
    This bag is not new as described in the auction, it appears used, and REAKS of smoke. This bag was listed brand new, never been used, but it does not appear this way. I would like to return the bag.

    Bag is new and I don't smoke. I never state my home is smoke free because you always get someone wanting to complain looking for an angle so I figure why give them an excuse. This buyer never emailed before auction ended, hit the buy it now. Before she'd even received it was already asking for a refund (I think buyers remorse)
    I am not giving a refund, I'm tired of people pulling these games - what do I write to PayPal for them to find in my favor? NOt sure how I win the it's used part (she could be using it right now!!)(I do have good pictures showing it is new so how do you prove that) and as far as the smell, how do I know mailman didn't smoke, that she doesn't smoke or that it doesn't even smell she's just looking for an angle.

    PLEASE HELP ....
  2. Are you sure she filed the complaint on the right bag? Check her buying history.
  3. no that is the case thanks for the suggestion though.
  4. no this wasn't a MJ bag, saw that thread thought was ironic
  5. I would just tell her to return the bag. I don't see how a bag can smell of smoke unless it was near smokers == and not the mailman. And, no offense, but it's odd you mention you specifically don't mention you have a non-smoking house. I don't mention it either, but not on purpose -- just never thought of it.

    I seriously wonder if smokers don't know how bad things from their houses smell. A friend's kid got a BD gift that absolutely reeked -- including the wrapping paper. Smoke permeates everything.

    Just get it back, air it out and relist it.
  6. I appreciate your insight and after re-reading that realized I didn't finish my thought.

    My point had been if you're a person sensitive to smoke and it's not stated in the auction that it's a smoke-free home, I'm sure you'd ask before bidding. That was what I was trying to say with that statement - got sidetracked I guess.
    I agree things that smell like smoke when you receive them are icky ... however I've always aired them out and chalked it up to part of buying on eBay.

    As for my auction .. I don't state anything about my home only because I had someone one time complain that my item smelled musty (I don't have a basement so thought it must have been the box (which I'd gotten from the post office) .. so that's what I meant by that.

    I truly believe this gal is regretting the purchase (because of money spent) What I get back may not be in the condition I shipped it. I know when I shipped the bag it was PERFECT.

    I dunno, I hate drama.