paypal nightmere, need advise

  1. :cursing: well several days before xmas i sold a brand new chanel bag to a lady on eBay and everything was fine. she paid on time and she wanted it for here daughter for xmas. well several days after it was mailed she files a dispute saying non reciept after having me wait to ship it cause she said need by xmas. but she told me to wait to ship it. anyway she ended up getting it on xmas eve. mean while my money is frozen for all most $2000.00. and she has the money and the bag. well several days later she emails me saying she does not want the bag cause it is not the right size, which was clearly stated in the auction. buyers remorse. ugh. anyway. i fought paypal and won that dispute finally acouple of days ago. but then she just refiled saying it was not as discribled and now my money is refrozen. i was just wondering if anybody had any advise. i faxed paypal all the emails she sent me and have talked to them. they said i should win. what a nightmere:cursing:
  2. Sorry this is happening to you!

    Unfortunately I can't offer any advice because I haven't been through a paypal dispute before, but I was always of the impression that a buyer could only file one dispute for an item? Ie. if she filed a non-receipt dispute, then she couldn't file a significantly not as described dispute.

    I'm sure there are other people here who can be of more help!
  3. I wish I had the answer for you...!! This is certainly a unique case. Poor you. What is eBay saying about your frozen $$$ ???
  4. Tht hing is that PayPal will freeze your account for around a month unless she closes the claim. That's why I try to keep my balance at leas $300 or less. I starting using google checkout for the same reason.
  5. sorry this happen to you...hope its resolved.:yes: let us know the outcome...paypal sometimes is frustrating...:cursing:
  6. i will let you know what happens. even when you have no money in paypal they give you a negative balance.
  7. That sounds like a totally awful situation.

    eBay is getting to be a really horrible place to be buying and selling things.

    Let us know how it goes! :flowers:
  8. correct me if I am wrong but I thought that you couldn't file more than one claim per transaction(?)
  9. me too but i just talked to paypal and they told me she couldfile two uder this situation. ugh. anyway. i think she is sending me the bag back and i don't know weather or not i should accept it. paypal told me to accept it. but they did not tell her to send it to me cause they did not make a decision yet. i don't know what to do. and i really needed the money right now. now i have negative balance in my paypal account. almost 4 years on ebay and this is my first horrible experence. ugh i am so mad.
  10. This really stinks. I sell on Ebay also. I have found Ebay & Paypal protect the buyers. Check it out. A buyer pays with paypal. Gets the item. Says he never got it or it's broken or a fake. He files a claim with Paypal. He will get his $$ back. You are left with an empty pocket and no recoursive action. It STINKS!!!! Good luck on this one.
  11. I do signature confirmation with anything over $50. THAT proves they received the item. I also document the item before shipping and take pics as packing. I know - takes alot of time - but covers my a$$.
  12. Sorry if this is a little OT, but I was curious:
    Does paypal freeze your account when the claim is OPENED, or only after it has been escalated?
  13. call paypal (call them, dont email), tell them you DO NOT ACCEPT RETURN, she might have switched the real w the fake. the claim was that she did not received it, but now she has it (in order to send it back) so they should close the file.
  14. Any updates?
  15. Wow! Princesslv, this CLEARLY is a situation that seems to effect royalty on ebay (kidding). I TOTALLY feel your reverse. geniepr was kind enough to send me your link. (I read and observed a moment of sadness on your behalf) :sad: I know misery loves company (or so I am told - I am not often miserable)...look at my link and see if there is anything that may help?? (Thank you Geniepr).....

    Please Read- Juicy Dispute Escalated To A Claim By Seller!! ([​IMG] 1 2 3 4)

    I suppose I should file another claim on line?? I was told that you could NOT do that and it had to be done over the phone. ((Not sure what to believe at this point))

    GOOD LUCK!!!!