Paypal nightmare!! Help!!

  1. Absolutely positively you should do that; at the very least, she will be educated about how to protect herself. You could also bring up that he will try to get her to then sell more off eBay and you can tell her to tell him a flat "NO!" to that. If it's one of the names he is known by, I would advise her not to send him anything.
  2. Has there been any resolution?

    What has happened since this post? This thread is disturbing but educational. So sorry that this has happened to you guys :nogood:
  3. On my end, my police criminal report has been assigned to the Criminal Investigative Division, Economic/Computer Crimes Detail. Paypal corporate is also investigating my case and the results of their investigation will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency when the suspect is identified (which he will be).

    No way this guy is getting any of my money. I have no idea what's the status of the OPs case.

    Do the crime, be prepared to do the time!
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    Just read through this entire thread, and ohmygosh, my heart goes out to you guys! This guy is clearly a scammer - WHY e*ay and PP ignore that is beyond me... Anyway, I did a search on this buyer (and added them to my blocked list!) and this is their latest "About Me" page, below... This person is DIS.GUST.ING!!!

    PLEASE LOOK under their "Things I Sell" heading-- if this is referring to anyone on here, they are sharing your address!! So, I hope you see this & can add it to the investigations/police reports, or at least report them to e*ay!

    Oooh, this makes me furious, and I haven't had any interactions with this person. Good luck, gals ~ I'm pulling for you!!
    All About Me

    What everyone should know about me
    Such a wonderful buyer...I want ALL buyers to be like this sweetheart! A+++++ & Terrific! Why can't ALL ebay deals be this enjoyable? A+++++ all the way!!! Seller: nightsbear 2870

    Things I sell
    Maricela Serrano her ids: serr4n0 & bri-nat-nel-jj XXXX XXXXXX XXXX XXXXX sent me an EMPTY Juicy Couture Blue + Black Box & purposely left out the Juicy Couture Caviar Charm. She SCAMMED me out of $400!
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    ^^wow, that is so against the TOS! It's not me or my address, but it's still against TOS, so that's a big no no. I called ebay and it's now at the front of the list for trust and safety. Now to find this person and let her know...this idiot knows no bounds.
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    It's the winchestervict ID - the other 2 I looked up were suspended, thankfully (the iluvjuicy ID and another one - sorry, off the top of my head, I can't think of which one that was)

    Update - when I first saw that, I did message that seller under the first ebay ID listed (serr4n0), & directed them to this thread, & to get in touch with you, tutu, &/or the OP if they wanted to get involved...
  7. Okay, I sent her ebay email on both her IDs and let her know to call ebay and also report this scum bag scammer. Thank you for letting me know, and I'm glad I just happened to sign in today and see this. This guy really makes my blood boil!

    I got one or two of his IDs banned, but I want HIM off ebay for good!

    Thank you for letting me know about this, Moxie. He scammed her and so many others; it's time he went bye. I hope she comes here and does contact me so I can share how to deal with this idiot.
  8. You're welcome - I'm glad you signed in,too - and pdxmatts - if this thread hadn't been bumped to the top of the forum by you two, I may not have come across it - and I agree - it's been very educational!! Thank YOU for all you are doing to take down this scammer, & to help other members here!!
  9. I really don't understand why Ebay does not ban this scammer for good.
    How many more people does he get to steal from? It's so frustrating!!
  10. It is indeed beyond frustrating, and I have spent many many weeks of my time trying to get that to happen, and still am spending time doing that. He should be gone on all of his various names/IDs/aliases/personas and banned for life by IP, name, bank, credit cards, you name it. Charles Arancia should not be allowed anywhere there is money involved.

    I'm just glad I have a very proactive police Captain here on my end. Not all do.
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    OH. MY. GOSH.

    I just read this thread from beginning to end and just can't believe the lengths some people will go through to scam people.

    I'm so glad that you gals have fought back and brought attention to this mother truckin' rat b*stard. I hope that justice will be served on this scuzz. This is so disheartening that eBay and Paypal will allow this to happen over and over and over. I saw an article the other day about eBay's profits having tripled in recent years. Think that's a coincidence? I don't- they allow scammers to run rampant so they can make money.

    Don't give up, gals. I'm rootin' for you!!! :ghi5: Give 'em hell! :boxing:

    Has anyone considered contacting an investigative news team on this guy and exposing eBay/Paypal's complacency in the matter?
  12. I would post his picture in an ad in the paper.
  13. With excerpts of all the "About Me" & "MyWorld" pages impersonating a nurse, 18 year old girl, etc. :lol:
  14. Sometimes he's a grandmother, collecting rare charms and top end bags (Hermes, LV, etc.), sometimes a teen, sometimes his cousin; this guy has more alter-egos than anyone I've ever heard about.

    I thought I had him where it hurts at one point (his employer) but he'd left the company. Had he not, he'd have been hung out to dry.

    Where there's a will....
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