Paypal new policy for snad items..

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  1. I recently recieved a fake chanel bag and i filed a SNAD claim thru paypal.. Usually they will ask u to provide a document that will prove the bag was fake.. This time they asked me to ship it back to the seller.. Which i did immediately, now before u can get ur refund, paypal has to see that the item was delivered and SIGNED by the reciever/ seller.. Guess what, the seller emailed me that she has no plan of signing for it and she said i will loose the case.. Any of u ladies experience this? I need help!
  2. OMG!!!! :amazed:

    that is just pure evil from the seller!!!
  3. Do you have a link to this new policy?
  4. Typically if PP sees that the seller refuses delivery / won't pick up the item, they'll move forward with the refund anyway. Where did you hear about this new policy?
  5. This actually happened to me, but it was my CC that would not refund because the seller refused to pick up the the item from customs.
    I was out a few hundred dollars, including shipping both ways.
    This issue wasn't Ebay/Paypal related, it was cc, which I canceled after this incident.

    If this is PP's new policy, there are going to be off the chart problems
    like the one you're having.

    I'd like to add that I returned a fake Leger, and the seller never picked it up and PP refunded me, and the dress was returned to me. This happened last summer..

  6. If the seller e-mailed you thru ebay's messaging system, I'd forward that
    e-mail & speak with a supervisor & contact pp as well...

    This is simply unacceptale... & this seller should not be selling on ebay
    using this tactic! And selling a FAKE CHANEL to boot... bad news
  7. No link yet.. On their existing agreement it still says that if the bag was fake they might ask ti get it destroyed..but all the pp rep i talked said that they r changing the policy
  8. +1 if seller refuses you may end up with the fake bag back and your money. A seller cannot refuse or they lose haha that rhymed!

  9. Im really hoping thats what gonna happen..
  10. This is true.
  11. Very unusual for a PP rep to be so forthcoming with policy change information! They barely know the current policies, never mind anything that might be in development. And certainly very odd for both you and the seller to have been told the same thing. This "development" makes no sense whatsoever.

    Anyway, assuming this is a true development for the future and not current policy then under the existing policy I returned a SNAD item. It sat at the seller's post office for a few days then PP refunded my money. A couple of weeks later the item was returned to me (and is still sat in the rafters of my garage incase the seller wants it back! Been there over a year now.)
  12. I don't know that this is a new policy.

    Generally, PP has been more apt (than ebay) to demand documentation that an item is SNAD before making a decision. But they don't always require it.

    But whenever an item is returned, you're required to return it and prove delivery and have s.c. if required by the price. After delivery (or refusal to accept), the refund is issued.

    They've never issued a refund prior to an item being returned (except in cases where they aren't going to make you return it). The reason for that is because many buyers won't return it once they receive the refund.

    Keep in mind that Macy's, Sears, the grocery store and any other store won't give your money back until they have the returned product in hand.

    ^^^^ This.
  13. Im really really hoping pp will close it in my favor.. The bag is disgusting!