Paypal Money Withdrawal Question

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  1. I need to get money (over $1,000) out of my Premier account but Paypal is not accepting my bank account information for some reason. I need my bank account information so I can transfer my funds to it. I dont want to leave that much money in paypal. Should I have them send me a check and pay the $1.50 fee? Is it safe since I never done that before?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Are you trying to WD the money into the bank account that is already listed with Paypal? or is it a new bank account? Maybe you have to do it in smaller WD amounts?
  3. The funds are in my Paypal balance so I was trying to transfer it into my bank account but they said that I need to use a different bank account because they could not deposit the small amounts into it.

    Since I have 2 paypal premier accounts, I might just downgrade the other one to personal and transfer funds without the fees. I just have to do it slowly since the limit is $500/month.
  4. That's very strange. You can technically withdraw and deposit any amount from your paypal account into your bank account, as long as your bank account is linked to your paypal account. Perhaps you can call paypal to find out exactly what the problem is?
  5. I'm confused about the "small amounts". Do you mean you are trying to add your bank info and the 2 small amounts of money that Paypal add to the account to verify it is yours? Maybe it is a simple problem of your address or bank acct number not being correct.

    I used to have Paypal send me a check all the time. Took about 1-2 weeks. That was before there was a fee, and that was before when they would send to a PO box (my main form of mail retrieval).
  6. I used to use my paypal debit card to withdrawl account funds, but that all depends on the amount of $$ you are moving too. If you are receiving a fair amount of payments through paypal you could also qualify for merchant rate if you haven't looked into that before. The cheaper %'s would offset the atm withdrawl fees.
  7. That's strange. I have a personal account as well and have often transferred amounts in excess of $500, often several times per month.
  8. Paypal will not let me become Verified because I cannot put my bank account info in. Prehaps, I am entering it wrong. Your correct lexie2000, by "small amount," I do mean that. And transferring over $500, I believe I need the Extended Use feature. I will call them in a little bit to figure it out. Thanks everyone for your reply! :smile:
  9. Mee, do you know what to do with the 2 small money amounts? You need to find out the amounts by calling your bank and getting the latest deposits into your acct. If I recall my money amounts were like 2 cents and 16 cents. You then go into paypal and give them those 2 small amounts. There should be a link on your sidebar about adding a bank acct. You click and tell them the amounts that were deposited and then once they agree that you are the user of that bank account, it adds that bank account into Paypal. THEN you can withdraw your money into your bank account.
    Hope this helps and it wasn't too confusing.