Paypal - money unclaimed

  1. I just made a payment through paypal. If the money is currently unclaimed, can i somehow retrieve it before the seller completes the transaction?

    This is a transaction outside of eBay and i'm not so sure i want to go ahead anymore. It was a impulse decision.
  2. Dont ever make transcations off eBay- you are not covered by anything!!!!!

    Phone paypal asap and cancel the payment!
  3. Paypal is not opened today, being Sunday for me. I've tried to an online cancellation and it was rejected stating i can only cancel a payment for a unregistered user. *hmpf*
  4. yes, you should be able to reclaim it. there is a button where it says "cancel" or so just follow their links.
  5. I followed the guide but there was no button under the action column as stated. Anyway seems like the seller has accepted payment now. I guess i'll just have to contact paypal tomorrow.
  6. right once the seller "claims" the payment the cancel button dissappears. why not contacting your seller and ask to cancel the transaction - refund the money before they ship.