Paypal makes money when you file a claim

  1. I'm convinced. Has anyone ever had a claim resolved by Paypal in less than 30 days for SNAD? I esclated a dispute to a claim for SNAD on May 10th, it's June 11th and still not resolved. I shipped the item back using Paypal shipping page, so they have Sig Confirmation right there in front of them. The Seller has even tried to refund my money and cannot. The Seller finally sent an email last Friday requesting a refund. I called Paypal this am, they claim that the refund should post my account within 24 hours.

    It's in there terms and conditions, so there is nothing Buyer or Seller can do but wait. BTW, we are talking $800.00 here. When you add up all the SNAD claims they receive and calculate the interest, viola! Paypal is making money on our money! They may have to refund the fees but believe me, they DID not lose out.

    Sorry to rant, I just hate hate hate Paypal.:mad: I will never again pay with funded Paypal, CC only from here on. BTW, it was a BIN that had just been listed, so I hit BIN before it disappeared and since I had just sold a couple of bags I had over 1k in the Paypal account, before I realized it, I paid with checking acct funds. Now I empty my PP account immediately after I print the shipping label. The bag had a piece unglued and when I called the boutique in NYC, they said it was damaged, to take it back to the store where it was purchased for a replacement (I could not do this b/c I did not purchase it therefore had no receipt). The seller did not want to refund my shipping (to me $37.00) so I filed SNAD.
    Next time, I use CC and do chargeback, don't care what PP does to my account :p.
  2. paypal are crazy and driving me crazy

    now this expanded use number they want , when you enter a credit card
    then it s been three weeks for the verification pin number and it STILL HAS NOT ARRIVED

    i totally give up
    its so emotionally draining

    and time consuming

    i so wish google would set up an auction site
  3. Point that everyone reading should know and use: never pay for anything with a PP balance. ALWAYS use your credit card. Otherwise you're at paypal's mercy when they give you back your money. Thanks for the reminder, Isabel!